Steps to Find your Middle Ground

find your middle ground

Here are the steps I have discovered for myself and others, for finding our middle ground and living life in balance πŸ’›

  • Notice! Take time to pause and be aware of the incredible gift of life that you share with others and with nature. Wake up to the little things. Wake up to Β your self. Wake up to it all. This is called living mindfully. Become a keen observer.
  • Accept that life has ups and downs. Really! Some one told us when were little that life should be a breeze. This is called wishful thinking. Be grateful for the highs and graceful in the lows. This is called living life well.
  • Become present. Stop lamenting the past or worrying about tomorrow. Β Living is in each moment. Now. Take a deep breath. Β Then an other. Β Notice you are still here… not there.
  • Get to know yourself. Take that first scary step of self discovery. Turn off the tv. Β Sit for a while. Journal about what comes up. HaveΒ a meaningful conversation. Listen more to others. Listen more to yourself.
  • Let go of judgments. We think that judging others or ourselves makes us feel strong. Judgments come from fear of not being in control Β and having things go our way. Our way is not the way. There is nothing wrong, so stop trying to be right. Stop comparing, criticizing Β and start letting others be. Let yourself be.
  • Realize that you are not your thinking. You are the one who is aware of your thoughts. You are awareness within a physical body, with an imaginative and fearful ego-mind that creates stories. Your thinking is not the truth about who you are or the world around you.
  • Find the peace within. Beyond the next breath and the next thought there is a deep reservoir of peace waiting to be stepped into. This cool refreshing stillness has always been there and will always be there for us to access. To connect to this wondrous pool becomes our practice… whether its in mindfulness meditation, yoga, sitting in nature, or while commuting on the train, Β realize that you too can find your own middle ground.

This blog is my way of helping people get their feet wet and refreshing themselves.

getting your feet wet

130 thoughts on “Steps to Find your Middle Ground

  1. Wonderful list! This is just the sort of thing to print out and put where we can see it everyday. Thanks for sharing your wisdom here, Val. It is so accessible and positive, not daunting or shaming as so many of these sorts of lists can be. Gotta reblog!

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  2. Reblogged this on Shielagh and commented:
    This wonderful, wise and compassionate list resonated with me. So many lists of do’s and don’t’s seem daunting or even shaming. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with suggestions. This one is amazing! I printed a copy to put up, and I want my own followers to see it as well. I was working with someone recently who is suffering from a painful loss and realized this list might be just the thing to share. See what you think…

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  3. “Realize that you are not your thinking.” – I suppose if I could pick one thing to achieve as a practical measure from your list, that would be it. But it’s not a pick ‘n mix affair is it, Val? We have to work on many layers, and in different areas, as your list demonstrates. It will make me sound stupid (it happens a lot), but I spent several years thinking I could perceive ‘what I am’ beyond the body and beyond ideas of what I am, then I suddenly realised that if I perceived anything, it would never be anything more than a percept. Indescribable. Anyway, your list will find its way towards the top of my list of lists. Orthodox (Theravadin) Buddhists love lists; seriously, there are dozens of them in the commentaries to the Pali Canon. H ❀

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    • The thinking loop is a powerful one to be attached to, isn’t it Hariod. I have a sense that the more intelligent and knowledgable we are the more the ego uses this to hide in. 😦
      I feel honoured that my t0-live list is amongst the top of other eminent ones!

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  4. No one is perfect I so agree Val..

    Sometimes I think we are all of us pieces of art in the process of our own creations.. We all need a little renovating from time to time, as we smooth out the creases adding colour, be it bland or bright, blending and mixing to the canvas of life..

    The exciting thing is, we are all of us unique pieces of art.. each special, each to be admired and at any time we can pick up that brush and create through our own ‘reflections’

    Loved the bridge photo and the reflective water.. Val.. May I reblog your post my friend.. Others need to read your wisdom..
    Love Sue xxx ❀

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  5. Reblogged this on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary and commented:
    When I find something worth sharing I enjoy passing it along. Vals post β€˜Steps to find your Middle Ground’ is well worth the read.. Please go and leave your comments on Vals amazing insightful blog for comments will be closed here,
    Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week..
    Love Sue ❀

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    • So glad it resonated with you Helen πŸ’› Its living through the trials and tribulations that have helped us learn and grow. Yep – there will be more ahead for us all πŸ’•


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  7. This, I swear, has been the biggest, most constant lesson in my life: “Judgments come from fear of not being in control and having things go our way. Our way is not the way. There is nothing wrong, so stop trying to be right. Stop comparing, criticizing and start letting others be. Let yourself be.” Beautiful blog by the way ❀️

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  8. I must have missed this post for some reason Val, but thanks to Paul Handover for re-blogging it on his own blog Learning from Dogs, it came to my attention – see, I was meant to see it!
    The list is truly inspiring and resonated with me in my own life Val. We are all a work in progress, striving to improve ourselves and getting to know ourselves better every single day. Thank you for helping me get my feet wet!

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      • So glad I came across your post on Paul’s blog, it was meant to be, and shared it on FB a few moments ago; I think everyone should read it.
        Things are up and down with my hubby’s health Val, I haven’t had the time or inclination to keep up with my blog for months. Hoping things will improve! Your words of wisdom inspire me. x

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  9. Val, what an incredible list! I love it!!! Thank you for sharing. Also, I somehow hit the wrong button when I tried to reply to your comment on my blog and it got trashed and I can’t undo it! Not too technology savvy sometimes. Forgive me. If you want to recomment, I promise to watch what buttons my errant fingers hit and if you don’t want to, I understand. I just wanted to explain xo

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