Haiku – joy within

joy in troubled times
Photo from Tumbler: Muslims of the World
Life brings us hardship
Yet joy can be found within
Find your Middle Ground

Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from stressful days and anxious minds, and taking time to pause.

When we rest in this place, Β we are able to let go of judgments and how we wish things should be. We allow ourselves to open up to what is in this moment. And in doing so, connect with our authentic being and life energy. We find contentment no matter what is happening in the highs and lows of life.

I Β believe that we can all contribute to world peace. It starts with being kind to ourselves and finding peace within ourselves. Helping others is a good place to start, but the real work is ours to do for ourselves. We must find that peaceful, nourishing and inspiring place I call our Middle Ground.



31 Comments on “Haiku – joy within

  1. What a lovely expression of what it means to find peace, within and within the world, Val.

    You made my heart smile in recognition this morning. Truth does that! πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful reminder than we can be at peace, regardless of the turmoil whirling around us. May wisdom and truth prevail!

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  3. I love that expression ‘Taking time to Pause’. Most people are so filled up with Doing, Working, Socialising and everyday life, they never have time to just Pause (and Breathe). They never fully relax. Their bodies don’t get enough deep restful restorative sleep either. Stopping to smell the Roses is not just a saying (or quote), its a lesson for life.

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  4. Beautiful musings, Val. We can all contribute to peace when we are in touch with our authentic selves and start from where we stand. I wish you a joy-filled weekend.

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    • Each breath is an opportunity to embrace this peace. May you keep breathing and sharing your goodness and wisdom David πŸ’•


  5. I am working hard to find my middle ground these days. I have been out of the loop for so long with blogging and my blogger friends. Just wanted to stop by and what a lovely post to read from you! Thank you – you were my sign to find my middle ground! xo

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