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Relax, Refresh, Renew Yourself …Yoga class with ValVal Boyko is an advanced Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Mentor, with over 700 hours of teacher training and 3000 hours of teaching experience.

“I offer Mindful Hatha, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga classes and workshops in Bryn Mawr and the Western Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I welcome private clients who want to learn or refine their yoga practice, and those with age related concerns, recovering from injury, surgery or with back issues. My wish is for every body to bring the joy of yoga into their lives”.

Whether you want to discover the benefits of yoga for heathy aging, are seeking a relaxing mindful practice to reduce stress and connect with your Center, or are coming back to yoga, Val offers classes and individual sessions tailored to your needs.

Follow these links for Val’s current class schedule and upcoming workshops and trainings

Val is also a Continuing Education Provider with the Yoga Alliance. Her signature program is the Yoga Teacher Mentor Program for small groups of teachers to learn, share, play and inspire each other to be the best teachers they can be. Check out her profile at Yoga Alliance

“What is Yoga?” I’ve read many interpretations that have arisen from the original text in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

My favorite interpretation comes from Georg Feuerstein. He has such knowledge of the original texts and philosophy of Yoga and is skillful in bringing yoga from a very different time and culture, and making it meaningful for us symbol

“The complex five thousand year old tradition of yoga is about a very simple thing: happiness (ananda). Yoga tells us that in order to realize lasting happiness, we must discover our true spiritual nature. This requires that we commit ourselves to nothing less that self transformation and self transcendence. For although our true nature, or spiritual Self, is always the same, it tends to be obscured by our conventional thoughts, emotions and patterns of behavior. The yoga tradition compares this circumstance to the brightly shining sun, which is ever radiant but periodically hidden from our view by drifting dark clouds.

Yoga ValYoga helps us to remove all obstructing (mental) clouds, so that we may come to enjoy the sunshine within. It is an extensive program of reeducation though which we learn, step by step, to live in the light of our true nature. Only when we have truly found ourselves will we be able to live in peace, harmony and happiness in the world. This is what is sometimes called the sacred life….

For many people, practicing yoga means to do yoga postures once or twice a week or even every day. Although this approach can yield many benefits, such as better health and greater vitality, the real power of yoga is unleashed only when we engage in yoga as a way of life, twenty four hours a day. Yoga is universal and applicable in all situations. It is first and foremost a mental or inner discipline. Even the postures (asana) have a spiritual purpose and must be practiced with full awareness. Every single yoga technique is a tool for discovering the abiding happiness of the ultimate Self or Spirit.”




13 thoughts on “Yoga with Val

  1. I place myself on my yoga mat; palms together at my heart; eyes closed; and breathe.
    From this breath an ancient practice of movement and breath unfolds in a silent meditation that moves and flows like a dance, a prayer, a garland of asana. The body knows this ancient ritual; it finds its rhythm its form without interference; changing shape and energy until it returns to the stillness, palms together at my heart, eyes closed; and breathe. Aum tat sat.
    Thank you.

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  2. Hi Val,
    The answer to that is complex and simple all at once. Yoga to me is the journey within, for God in his almighty wisdom made sure that man would always have the answers, not from some fleeting, elusive external source but from a place that he would always have access to-within himself-how ingenious!. It is a journey of detachment from the sense objects, materialism, and all earthly emotions that bind us to the eternal cycle of life and death. It is the journey of mortals as they seek their higher selves by dissociating from the ego and the masks that we wear that hide our true selves. It is the journey of the individual soul (atma) and it’s ascension as it seeks the ultimate union with supreme soul (paramatma) and the attainment of a state of supreme,eternal bliss. Hard to even wrap your head around this, but all of us consciously or unconsciously have already embarked on this journey. Thank you for posing this thought provoking question. Namaste.

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  3. The brief introduction of Yoga is apt and is to be spread.
    The chart that you have put is also descriptive and is needed.
    It gives an over all view of Yoga and its practice and benefits.
    Seeing this post I remember the Yoga classes I take and the benefits I tell.
    Spread it.

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  4. Glad I popped in here this morning. I’m going to sign off and go to my yoga mat and do my daily 3 sun salutations. They change my life, make my life whole, each day. I’m so impressed with your yoga teacher training. If I’m ever in Newtown Square PA, I’d love to take one of your classes. I LOVE Kripalu-inspired yoga.

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  5. Although I only practice yoga on Friday mornings at my gym (great class in the vinyasa style), I look forward to going! I bookmarked your page for future reference as I currently write my book “No Excuses Fitness” of which yoga should be an integral part!

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    • Thank you Terri. I too enjoy a Vinyasa class now and again …. but for me, yoga has become more of a work in, than a work out. Slowing it down transcends it from fitness into wellbeing 💛

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  6. Thanks Val for the inspiration. Yoga and golf are two of my activities which I am passionate about. And I am quite certain Yoga increases my flexibility which in turn improves my golf. ⛳️ So it’s a win win situation for me.

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