Inspiration – Gratitude and Yoga

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and yoga students πŸ™

Photo from Yoga Journal

Gratitude and yoga go hand-in-hand, and both are essential to well-being.
Yoga teaches us to be grateful for the present moment.
It reveals to us how the union of body, mind and spirit can come together through our breath, postures and meditation.
It allows us to appreciate the full spectrum of life, from pleasure to pain and joy to sorrow.
Through the practice of yoga, the darker moments in our lives allow the lighter times to glow ever more brightly.
When we acknowledge each other with the word Namaste we are expressing our gratitude for the connection that we have with each other and the light that shines within us.

I am grateful for every moment of my life and for sharing the transformative practice of yoga with you.


54 thoughts on “Inspiration – Gratitude and Yoga

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    • Thank you for your kind comment πŸ’› there are many places t9 start experiencing yoga and meditation;. Finding a studio near you will help you connect to community. There are also wonderful online and video resources, such as Giaim as well as apps now available. Be curious and see what shows up πŸ™


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