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Haiku – embrace this moment


still dog
Embrace this moment
There is nowhere else to be
Find your Middle Ground

Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from stressful days and anxious minds, and taking time to pause.

When we are mindful of the present moment and simply allow it to be, we open a door to our natural state of being – accepting, loving, peaceful, kind and content. Most of us are so distracted and moving so fast that we get caught up in the world of “doing” or worrying about what we should be doing next.
Too much doing and thinking disconnects us from our sense of “being”and who we really are.

I write about finding this place of connection, contentment and peace in the highs and lows of life. I call it our Middle Ground.

31 comments on “Haiku – embrace this moment

  1. Thank you Val for sharing your Middle Ground of Peace with us here my friend.. When ever I visit here, I am always within the centre of that Peacefulness you create so perfectly with your words of wisdom..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤ 🙂 xxx

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  2. Hear hear! Metta blessings to you Val, and all. Tara

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  3. I just finished writing up my “to do” list before reading your post. It was a good reminder thanks Val 🙂

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  4. Simply great

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  5. I need to use my pause button more often. Thanks for the reminder, Val. ❤

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  6. given me a great
    big hug 🙂

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  7. Love and Blessings…Just great..I need to utilize my delay catch all the more frequently…

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  8. When I deliberately connect to Mother in the Now and am mindful of my breath, yes this state is possible. Thank you, Val, for reaffirming the Truth. 🌸

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  9. “There is nowhere else to be” – I love that simple truth ❤

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  10. We live in such a crazy world, Val. Your final sentence is such great advice as to how we can deal with the craziness around us. xx

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  11. Wonderful words!

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  13. Awesome! 🙂


  14. Middle Ground is the best place to be.


  15. Good morning, Val.
    I just found your blog about 25-30 minutes ago. I’ve read a few posts and I wanted to say thank you. Your posts give off a natural, distinct aura of love and sincerity. Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to your future posts and I am sure I’ll talk to you again soon.

    Much Love –
    Matthew Frederick.

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