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Haiku – new year

~ Clear out the old year Create space for the new one Find your Middle Ground ~ Letting go of the past year, doesn’t happen at the stroke on midnight on December 31st! As we reflect back on the year before, and move forward…

Lost in Complexity

many ways

“We’re lost in complexity. Looking for space in our life fills up the space of our life. It exhausts us and makes us feel more and more frantic and takes us further from help. Let the spaciousness of life find us. It is always…

Contentment and Yoga

  “We must live in the now to follow the path to enlightenment. In the lower realms of the mind, where time and space seem very real, we are worried about the past and the future. These two intermingle and limit conscious awareness. A…

Joy for No Reason

  I am filled with quiet joy for no reason save the fact that I’m alive. the message I receive is clear – there’s no time to lose from loving, no place but here to offer kindness, no day but this to be my…

Inspiration – One Step

“Your inner journey only has one step: the step you are taking right now. As you become more deeply aware of this one step, you realize that it already contains within itself all the other steps as well as the destination. This one step…

Accept this Moment

be at peace

Accept the present moment and allow it to be. Make peace with yourself. Make peace with life. Make peace with this moment. Allow the world to be. Let life unfold without resistance. No need for evaluating or judging. Find the beauty here.  

Haiku – embrace this moment

  ~ Embrace this moment There is nowhere else to be Find your Middle Ground ~ Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from stressful days and anxious minds, and taking time to pause. When we are mindful of the present moment and…

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