present moment
Clear out the old year
Create space for the new one
Find your Middle Ground

Letting go of the past year, doesn’t happen at the stroke on midnight on December 31st! As we reflect back on the year before, and move forward into 2019, take time to pause and be mindful of the moment you are in.

When we can pause in the present moment, we allow a clearing away of the past, and the space to create for the future.

Remember, the present is where the juice happens!



21 comments on “Haiku – new year

  1. Thanks for the encouragement in meeting the new year!

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  2. I’m creating, Val, I’m creating! GRIN!!! 😁

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  3. Yes! We travel best when we travel light!

    Jettisoning yesterday’s “junk” (anger, pain, frustration, stress) allows for a smoother and more enjoyable journey.

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  4. Happy New Year sweet lady.

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  5. Present in this juicy moment Val ✨😃

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  6. It all happens in the present, Val! 😊

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  7. wonderful having this
    new year to let
    go of the old one 🙂

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  8. I love the visual that comes to mind of quite literally clearing out the mental cupboards and reorganizing some unwelcome pockets leftover from last year. I really appreciate the gentle reminder, Val.

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  9. A new year is an excellent opportunity to start afresh. Thanks for the inspiration, Val. Wishing you a wonderful year. xx

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