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“We’re lost in complexity. Looking for space in our life fills up the space of our life. It exhausts us and makes us feel more and more frantic and takes us further from help. Let the spaciousness of life find us.
It is always there, which is precisely where we are.
Relax. Help is very near.”

~ Steven Harrison Taken from The Shimmering World – Living Meditation


Let go of complexity and seeking.

Allow spaciousness to find you.

It is here, in this moment.

Help is always near.

We can access it if we relax.

When we find our Middle Ground, we touch the life energy within us all.


18 comments on “Lost in Complexity

  1. Nice reminder! ❤

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  2. This was really important for me to read today…thank you!


  3. Thanks for this reminder. I keep looking around at all that has to be done and so much going on at once that the feeling of overwhelm seems ever present. I keep trying to remind myself to only do what feels right and let go of the rest. I’ll get there.

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  4. To spaciousness!

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  5. If only more people knew about the value of relaxing! Literally we can solve so much of our own stress if we just took a second to disconnect from it. I guess the world we are in nowadays doesn’t want/ allow that. Stress is a business.


  6. “Let go of seeking” is what resonates for me here. Maybe I could be listening for what is seeking me?

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  7. Being open to receiving what is already there …. is such a powerful shift. Love it Ali 💛


  8. Val, my friend, I always find ‘space’.. here within your blog… Even reading your words I always find my breath is deeper and calmer… this ‘Space’ you have created here exudes peace and calm my friend..
    It is we who make life complex… when all we need do is breathe.. and breatheeeeee…..
    Much love.. 💜🙏💙

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  9. Such wisdom for today

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  10. A lovely message and the deep breath, Val. This is perfect for what is usually a season of rushing around without a second to relax. ❤


  11. If we just surrender it works out.


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