bringing light
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A smile and a sigh In the aftermath.

Preparation and anticipation no longer ahead.

In the past, a job well done and so much fun.

Yoga teachers bringing more yin into their lives

And into the lives of their students.

Inspiring Yin in the world.

It feels darn good

Being part of something greater than myself.

Time for a Middle Ground pause

And then back to blogging.

I’m looking forward to connecting more with you all💛


9 comments on “Feeling Good

  1. Have a good pause, Val. H ❤

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  2. Glad your teaching inspired!
    Keep breathing . . .

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  3. It does feel like a time to turn inward 🙂

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  4. Pause. The secret sauce for so much.

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  5. Doing the good work – enjoy your R&R, Val.

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