Allow this Moment to Unfold

Can you simply relax and allow this moment to unfold? 

Can you let go of evaluation and judgment, and simply accept that this is what is happening?

wooden pier against mountains and sunset sky

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Remember it is only our resistance to the present moment that causes us to feel any pain.

Acceptance creates the inner freedom and inner peace that we are all yearning for.

So take a deep breath… and then another.


Be easy on yourself and others.

Trust your life and experience that has brought you to this moment.

Instead of wishing things to be different, focus on expressing the love that is within you.

Find gratitude every day.

Get out of your head and open your heart.


35 thoughts on “Allow this Moment to Unfold

  1. This is very true. The more we are in acceptance of the current moment, the deeper we shall get into reality. We shall then learn how not to get into a “flight”, that may present other unseen and undesirable situations in the future. Thanks for this wonderful piece,

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  2. This is so true! We all get so caught up in everyday life with seeing Instagram and Facebook feeds that our reality starts to slip through the cracks thank you so much for sharing this post it’s much needed in our day of age

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  3. Ahhh… breathing deeply in this present moment.
    Life is a journey that just keep unfolding and unfolding and unfolding.
    How it unfolds is a reflection of the depth of each breath I take in and let out into each moment.
    Lovely share Val. Thank you. ❤

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