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“Pain is your best friend. It is infinitely more honest with you than pleasure. Despite what you might think, the painful experiences you have had benefit you far more than the pleasurable ones, even though most of us spend our lives trying to duck and hide from them.

But when you can center yourself and be open to look pain dead in the eye, then you have transcended the limits of your ego and this humanity. It is then that you enter into the possibility of becoming a great being.”

~ Swami Chetanananda

When I first read these words I wanted to reject them. How could pain be my best friend?

Yet, looking back on the painful, challenging and disappointing experiences in my life, I understand.

Through dark times we find courage and resourcefulness that we may not have thought we had within us.

We break open and feel into what matters.

We learn about ourselves and grow as human beings.

We are able to see the pain in others and feel more connected to them.

We enter the possibility of becoming great beings.

… and knowing this helps.





25 comments on “Pain as Your Teacher

  1. Thanks for being our teacher, my friend.

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  2. Thank you for this, Val. ❤

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  3. Great post

    Pain is your best friend. It is infinitely more honest with you than pleasure.

    I love this. We chase pleasure and avoid pain. Suffering ensues


    Emotional pain and physical pain read in same spot in our brain.

    Having chronic pain, I handle physical pain far better than emotional pain

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  4. Pain opened doors to possibilities I never knew were there.

    Lovely post Val. Thank you!

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  5. Great insight and wisdom…and needed especially now. Thank you, dear Val. 🙏🏻

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  6. So true, Val. 💕

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  7. So true, despite our wanting to run for the hills. 😉 The lessons learned increase our depth and understanding of life. It’s made me search for the ‘silver lining’ whenever clouds threaten. Thanks for the healing words, Val. ❤

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  8. I will never forget my instructor the years when I was studying karate. He used to say “pain is your friend. Harness the pain and add it to your strength.”

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  9. I say pain is my ‘best teacher’ not friend ha! It’s so true Val, and the more we learn from it, the less we suffer 💕💚

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  10. As bad as pain is, it is given with great love…so we can find ours 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  11. I think we grow in pain.


  12. Indeed Val! I suffered great pain, one after the other and after the other, each ripping the fibers of my being more and more until I was completely torn. Torn is when I met myself, torn is when I no longer hid myself. Torn is when all things began to make sense and with each scar my heart’s grown infinitely. ❤ Kimberly


  13. The ‘dark times’ have definitely been my best teacher, but I am glad they’re mostly in the past.

    I much prefer the ‘light’ of today. Imperfect it may be, but at least it is light. Light makes my world go around.


  14. Certainly True. It is moments of great Pain, that turn into great awakening. When pain becomes, unbearable, you are about to enter the domain of non-pain. After such a stage, nothing can shake you. People humbled by pain are blessed. Thanks for the wonderful post.


  15. Yes, I agree…”pain is a megaphone that awakens a deaf world”…
    Thank you for always bringing us back to truth, Val…

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  16. Pain has its uses. Among other things, it’s intended to serve as a signal to get us to slow down, sleep, eat, cry, or shift positions. Once it’s gotten our attention, its purpose is served. At that point, we can decide how we wish to respond to the signal. We can choose what action to take.

    Once the pain has our attention, it is in our best interest to let it recede so we can move forward. It is counter-productive to chase after pain and retrieve it due to guilt, fear, or a desire for martyrdom.

    After all, most of us don’t have what it takes to become the next Joan of Arc. :mrgreen:

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