white rose

To discover peace

There is no path to travel

Or mat to roll out


Pause in this moment

Breathe into your heart center

Feel the blossoming


Find your Middle Ground

In the highs and lows of life

Stay at home goodness


If you are new to this site, welcome!

Please follow these links to find out more about your middle ground and the steps to take you there.


26 comments on “* Haiku – discover peace

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature


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  2. So very true and well said!

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  3. No mats . . . no poses . . . no postures.
    Just B~R~E~A~T~H~E!

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  4. Beautiful photo and Haiku Val 🍁🌸

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  5. So lovely! We certainly need a lot of goodness in the world these days.

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  6. I paused, and you are responsible and I am grateful.

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  7. So true, the peace is already there!

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  8. This is beautiful…. as someone who regularly ‘rolls out a mat’ and teaches others to do the same I agree It’s in the breath and the breath is with us always…. if we can only remember.

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  9. What a lovely experience, picture and words. Thanks for posting…

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  10. So very true, peace and happiness is all within.

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  11. Completely refreshing. Thanks so much, Val. β™₯

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  12. Wonderful and simple truth! Thanks for the reminder, Val ❀

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