Haiku – power down

black and white sitting waiting young

Photo by Serkan Göktay on Pexels.com

Power down. Switch off.
Slow down to the speed of Life.
Find your Middle Ground.


Find your Middle Ground is about stepping away from the busyness of our lives and our screens. More than ever we need to take time to pause and come to our senses.

When we are mindful of the present moment and simply allow it to be, we open a door to our natural state of being – accepting, loving, peaceful, kind and content. Most of us are so distracted and moving so fast that we get caught up in the world of “doing” or worrying about what we should be doing next.
Too much doing and thinking disconnects us from our sense of “being”and who we really are.



24 thoughts on “Haiku – power down

  1. I like the whole concept of “powering down,” Val. I need to do that from time to time or the pressure builds and I know that’s not good for me. Typically I can feel the pressure beginning to build, so I’ll remember to “switch off” the power and put everything in neutral a little more often. 🙂

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    • Very true! I am not sure I could place it better than you do, Derrick – such a splendid, necessary, advice!
      @Val – thank you for your post, Val! Retreating to the “Now” is a key step in regaining the peace and inner quiet you need to truly rest in yourself – and thus, to open the door…
      Or, to put it in more day-to-day practical terms for the main part of us: as long as you remain fully in the “Now,” you can stand virtually any kind of pressure…

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  2. I am in a place of BEing right now and I am full of Blessitude!! The ebbs and flows of our energy is amazing to me. Just when I think I have it all figured out I find myself DOing…and then I am exhausted!
    Hope you are well, Val. I was up north for a bit and only saw the sun 2 days!! I hope spring comes for you soon. Sending love and light!

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