* Haiku – bygones

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Image from Google


Embrace this moment

Let bygones be in the past

Find Your Middle Ground



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33 thoughts on “* Haiku – bygones

    • Thank you Louise πŸ’› A part of me sees the world as timeless … yet when we are attached to an event in our past, and recognize that this attachment no longer serves us, it becomes a bygone to be let go off.


  1. This resonated with me, it is such an eloquent expression and a reminder for myself that things don’t need to be so complicated, that things are fine the way they are, and a great place to be is my middle ground. Thank you Val. Peace, Harlon

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  2. Interesting one, Val. I was watching a programme about the Holocaust last night and felt that we badly need to keep the past very much in mind lest we make the same mistakes over again. It was tough to watch but certainly woke me up. There was no bitterness in evidence, just a concern not to let the past be forgotten as it can hold keys to better presents.

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    • I agree Jean. It isn’t about forgetting bout the past, but understanding it and how it has brought us to this moment. When we live in the past, it may no longer serve us well, or allow us to appreciate the present. Thank you πŸ’›


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