* Haiku – pendulum

pendulum of life
Image inspired by the song Pendulum by Pearl Jam as part of the Music to Life photo series by Jimmy Bui photography – http://jimmybuiphotography.com


Take time for yourself

In the pendulum of life

Find Your Middle Ground


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30 Comments on “* Haiku – pendulum

  1. Wonderful Val, and so is the image you found.. And tomorrow taking time out all day for myself.. Acupuncture in the morning relaxing in the afternoon.. A meal out with hubby.. Enjoy your Wednesday.. Love and blessings my friend .. Hugs Sue xxx

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    • Yes indeed Randall. Although I found I was in my 50’s when it really sunk in! I hope you reach this understanding sooner than I did 💕


  2. Off to the beach to have a sketching day with the kids, holidays are here Val so time to myself will be rare, except for my mornings of yoga. That will see me through the hectic holidays. Have a great day.

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  3. That song is one of my favorites, Val. Beautiful image and yes, life does seem to swing to and fro like a pendulum. But every pendulum has a still and silent pivot point…


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