* For my Blogging Friends


This week has been such a fruitful and fulfilling one as I step up into my Fall yoga teaching schedule and prepare for a new series of the Yoga Teacher Mentor Program beginning on Sunday. I also had a visit from an old University friend from Scotland who now lives in Australia. There was a lot of fun catching up to do 😃

In other words, life is terrific, but I have not found time to read many of your posts or visit your blogs.

I really look forward to catching up after this weekend.

Thank you for your understanding. I am so grateful to be a part of this creative, talented and loving community.

Val xo

20 thoughts on “* For my Blogging Friends

  1. I am in a similar boat, Val. We just bought a winter place in Florida, and we made a quick 5-day trip down to get cable, Internet & phone put in. Bought a covered litter box, cat food and other necessities ahead of bringing our cat down in November. The AC went on the fritz on day 1 when it was 95 degrees! But I put my time in on the cushion, some really good people helped us and all is well. My cousin came down to visit us there and we so enjoyed her company. This coming week back home I have major practice issues to address but I so enjoy the work I do, even the paperwork. No blogs for me right now. Best to you with all your challenges, Val!

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  3. You are an inspiration Val no need to worry I love when your posts arrive. They never fail to uplift and inspire me to live a better life. Its hard to keep up with everyones’s posts I must agree and so I don’t try so hard anymore and catch up when I can.

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    • Thanks Kath for your gracious words and wisdom. Not trying so hard allows the creative juices to flow so much more easily! I hope you had a great trip with the family. 💕


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