Haiku – rainy days

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Rainy summer days
Can’t dampen the joy within 
Find Your Middle Ground

Find your Middle Ground is about finding balance in life and coming home to our selves.  When we take time to pause and be mindful we open a door to our natural state of being  – accepting, loving, peaceful, kind and happy. It is there for every one of us.

No matter what the external circumstances we find ourselves in … or the challenges we face… or the weather(!), we can slow down and find the joy within.




28 Comments on “Haiku – rainy days

  1. I so agree dear Val.. Its raining cats and dogs as we say here today, hence my logging back into WP today, and No, rain cannot dampen our spirits 🙂 In fact its saved me from the trudge of watering back and forth our allotments today LOL And its most welcome 🙂 🌈🌧🌦☔🌈💚

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  2. Lovely post, Val. Mindfulness is getting me through a wildfire that destroyed my home and community recently, and the disastrous afterlife that I am currently living through. I was practicing it before the fires, and now I see it as a lifesaver.

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    • In challenging times, coming back to our breath and the present moment is so helpful. May it keep you steady, calm and true to yourself. I hope the re-build is going well Jet. I am also curious to see what starts to grow after the fire. 💛

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  3. I went for a walk in the mist this morning and discovered more inspiration than I imagined might be waiting there for me. The sun is always shining, even if we can’t see it.

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  4. I’m currently needing a little sunshine, but doing some self-talk to stay in my middle! It will be so hot in less than a month that I’ll then most likely miss the marine layer. LOL!

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  5. Nice post Val. Have you been having problems with your posts in the last wee while? I’ve tried to access them to be told page not found?! but hey, I’ve found you again, hale and hearty. anita

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    • Thanks Anita. I was playing with posting from my phone and did so by mistake! It’s easier for me from my Mac when I am home. Sorry for the confusion.


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