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“To the disciples who were always asking for words of wisdom the Master said, ‘Wisdom is not expressed in words. It reveals itself in action.’

But when he saw them plunge headlong into activity, he laughed aloud and said, “That isn’t action. That’s motion.”

~ Anthony De Mello


I love this definition, and the laughter in this story.

Are you keeping busy, always moving from one activity to another? Or are you taking action?

Action is acting with intention. It means having an outcome in mind, purpose or sense of meaning.

When you apply the wisdom of your words and bring them into your daily activities, you are being true to your self.

When you are authentic in this way, you share your wisdom with the world.

Let us all be more mindful in our actions today.


39 comments on “Action or Motion?

  1. Mindful action. What a great way to go about my day. Thanks Val.

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  2. Wonderful Val. It’s good to be reminded of the distinction between the two.

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  3. This made me laugh a little too. Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to be more mindful of the difference.

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  4. Yes. It boils down to Mindful Actions vs. Mindless Distractions.

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  5. Anthony De Mello saying creates an interest and your content made me going. Good one!

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  6. wonderful, dear Val!
    may actions, of late
    are with stillness 🙂

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  7. True, thought, without action, accomplishes nothing.

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  8. pyonchek

    Very wise words to help us be aware of the purpose behind our everyday actions – or motions. Thank you, Val.

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  9. So true! Thanks for the reminder, Val.

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  10. What an insightful quote and message, Val. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  11. Great reminder Val, I needed this one today 😀

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  12. I really love this challenge, Val. I’m in a new season of life (retirement) and you’ve tapped into some of the conversations I’m currently having with myself! 🙂

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  13. I like this, “Action is acting with intention.” Motion reminds me of basketball 😉 It’s what my daughter’s college team did to move the ball around, stalling for time at the end of a quarter when they were up by a point or two, or (sometimes) confusing the other team by changing things up. And perhaps sometimes this is required in life, but I am action-oriented. Purpose and direction conserve energy for what’s important. Aloha, Val! ❤

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  14. Aha! I have been doing the action but without intention – thanks for this wisdom!

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  15. Great quote! Important distinction.

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  16. A great reminder and lots of wisdom, Val!

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  17. Beautiful quote and reminder Val.

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  18. Wow – such a difference between these two words: action or motion. So wise. So many people seem to be more concerned with their motion, not thinking about their actions, I’m afraid. I believe that by sitting and not doing for a while, we can then understand the difference.

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