* Haiku – Unfolding Year

As you read this, I will be landing in Scotland for a week with the family, and connecting to my roots. I send you with this message for the New Year.



Let the year unfold

with kind heart and open mind. 

Hold your Middle Ground


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year. May we all find peace and appreciate the little things that matter the most.


If you are new to this site welcome!

Follow these links to find out more about finding your middle ground and the steps to take you there.


48 Comments on “* Haiku – Unfolding Year

  1. Thank you for all your words of wisdom over 2016 Val. May you have a relaxing and restorative week with your family and a return full of memorable moments to carry you forward into 2017.
    Happy New Year .:)

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    • Thank you Vicki! I am back and feeling refreshed and ready for what comes next. Happy New Year to you. I look forward to more photographs and insights from you 💕

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  2. Happy New Year Val. May your blessings be many. Create an amazing adventure, as you journey through your world. Namaste’

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  3. Have a Joyous Time with your family in Scotland dearest Val.. I feel closer already LOL.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Week my lovely friend.. Enjoy a delightful week filled with Love..

    Thank you for all of your wisdom, and the love you have shared with us here on your wonderful blog throughout 2016.. I know 2017 will herald in more wisdom, for us all to learn from
    Blessings and sending best wishes for Health, Happiness, and Harmony for 2017 and way Beyond.
    Love Sue xxx

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    • Thank you dear Sue❣ it’s good to be this side of the Atlantic for a while! Thank you for your good wishes and kind words. I am looking forward to sharing this sphere with you this year 💛 thank you for your continued inspiration!

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    • Hi Kath! Holiday is over and I am back in to my daily ritual and teaching schedule. Weather is easy … which means I am also easy.
      May this essence reach you too ❣

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