* My Words for 2017

fierce and kind balance

It will be a time of change. Life is unfolding along an unexpected and uneasy path, with so much outside of our control. When moving into the unknown, it is helpful to sit and pause and listen to our inner guide. In those Middle Ground moments, the words that keep coming up for me are:

Be ready to be fierce.
Be ready to be kind.

We must be prepared to stand up for what we believe in our hearts and be ready to take action against bullying, greed, violence, injustice and the unfairness that surrounds us.

Be fierce to protect what grows from kindness and love. Be ready to answer the call to educate, inspire and lead others on a higher path.

We must also be ready to be kind. To represent the kindness and humanity that we hold so dear.
We must be compassionate for those who are ignorant and fearful… and for those who also see injustice, but from a different perspective.

We must commit to understand better and do no harm.

be kind

So, take time to pause before leaping to conclusions or into action. Come to a place of inner stillness and seek the guidance from your heart and soul.

Find your Middle Ground. Open your heart and listen to the small loving voice within.

It is time.

Be ready to be fierce.
Be ready to be kind.

56 thoughts on “* My Words for 2017

  1. Ah! I heard recently…Reflect…don’t react!! And your words speak to my heart…as always!! Sending you all you need to accomplish the thoughts in your beautiful post in this coming year, Val ❀ ❀

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  2. Words that confirmed something my Heart is guiding me to do in regards to my blog, Val. Thank you! *sighs* As I am writing this I see WP has me not following you when I was. So here I go again following you. Happy New Year, dear friend! ❀

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  3. I rather like that as a theme song for 2017. Thanks for the inspiration. I feel I may have to be ready for a lot of things this year; fierce and kind can be the compass that guides me. Peace, Harlon

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  4. Lovely and mindful, Val. I have chosen to continue to live my word…surrender. In no way does it mean I will not stand up or engage as I feel is necessary. It is a simple declaration of my trust that unfolds is an important part of my evolutionary journey. Easy? NO. Essential? YES. Happy New Year to you, dear Val.

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  5. Wise words and be kind to oneself could also be added. Sometimes I think we push ourselves beyond our limits in order to ‘fit in’ or equal our peers. Allowing oneself to be (and nestle in to that balance and gentle pace) instead of keeping up to those that surround us.


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    • Oh my …. I must take a few breaths to find that middle ground place. You are such a temptress in the cloud Esme. You rock my world with your verbal expressiveness and with a lasciviousness that overwhelms the senses.
      Carry on ❣️


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