Choose a Different Future

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Don’t Let It Die An Orphan
by John Mundahl *

Follow others
Until you’re tired of their exhaust,
Then strike out on your own.
Become friends with your playful self again,
That part of you
The world snatched away
When you weren’t looking.
Choose a different future,
Not the one that looms
As some grim sentence,
But the one that nags to you
In quiet moments.
Don’t let it die an orphan.

girl on her journey

It’s never too late to choose a different future… and its so much easier when we lighten up and become friends with ourselves. Listen to what your inner guide is telling you. Be curious. Have fun with it.


*Soul to Soul (p. 134). Monkfish Book Publishing. Kindle Edition.

* My Words for 2017

fierce and kind balance

It will be a time of change. Life is unfolding along an unexpected and uneasy path, with so much outside of our control. When moving into the unknown, it is helpful to sit and pause and listen to our inner guide. In those Middle Ground moments, the words that keep coming up for me are:

Be ready to be fierce.
Be ready to be kind.

We must be prepared to stand up for what we believe in our hearts and be ready to take action against bullying, greed, violence, injustice and the unfairness that surrounds us.

Be fierce to protect what grows from kindness and love. Be ready to answer the call to educate, inspire and lead others on a higher path.

We must also be ready to be kind. To represent the kindness and humanity that we hold so dear.
We must be compassionate for those who are ignorant and fearful… and for those who also see injustice, but from a different perspective.

We must commit to understand better and do no harm.

be kind

So, take time to pause before leaping to conclusions or into action. Come to a place of inner stillness and seek the guidance from your heart and soul.

Find your Middle Ground. Open your heart and listen to the small loving voice within.

It is time.

Be ready to be fierce.
Be ready to be kind.

* A Question for the Future

At this time of year its natural to reflect back and then look forward to what the New Year might bring.  Some of us set game plans and goals to accomplish… Others have intentions around our own evolution and inner journey…  And some of us like to stay in each present moment 🙂

You know how I enjoy shifting perspectives and seeing things in a new way. Seeing things differently can bring clarity and break us free from conditioning and stuckedness.

I came across this question and knew I had to share with you. Think beyond 2015 and let your inner guide answer this one.

Imagine your future self gives you a box and says the object symbolizes your destiny.

question mark boxWhat do you see when you open the box?



Your box is as big as your imagination. It can be as large as a landscape or a small symbol that represents something more. Be open to whatever shows up.

This is what lies ahead for me.

tender heart

I pictured a rose quartz heart in a simple little box. It represents an open heart; self acceptance; bringing peace and compassion for self and others.

What’s in your destiny box?