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Reach beyond the herd

End this bleating nastiness

It breaks us apart

Stop the name calling

Rise above playground antics

Its time to grow up

Lead us all forward

Listen, learn and understand

Be the path to peace

Together we can

Separately we cannot

Find our common ground

9 comments on “Haiku – the way forward

  1. Your way forward is a positive way to go Val ..

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  2. Well said Val, may we all see beyond the herd mentality and see each as unique with our different opinions to critically think for ourselves. Without labels, that seem to brand us into our separate pens.
    We all have to stop finger pointing and look in the mirror at our own bleating.
    And it’s no good looking for a shepherd either , we have had enough leaders leading us astray.

    Time for the lion to lay down with the lamb and make peace..
    Much love dear Val.
    Excellent…. 💚🙏💚

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  3. Amen, Val, well-put! ❤

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  4. This is so well said!! 🙂

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