Choose a Different Future

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Don’t Let It Die An Orphan
by John Mundahl *

Follow others
Until you’re tired of their exhaust,
Then strike out on your own.
Become friends with your playful self again,
That part of you
The world snatched away
When you weren’t looking.
Choose a different future,
Not the one that looms
As some grim sentence,
But the one that nags to you
In quiet moments.
Don’t let it die an orphan.

girl on her journey

It’s never too late to choose a different future… and its so much easier when we lighten up and become friends with ourselves. Listen to what your inner guide is telling you. Be curious. Have fun with it.


*Soul to Soul (p. 134). Monkfish Book Publishing. Kindle Edition.

28 thoughts on “Choose a Different Future

  1. I remember that darling girl from eons ago . . . walking boldly into the future, teddy in hand. I think you were choosing between it and a girl sitting on a dock as your header.

    Anyway, love this post!

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    • I was indeed Nancy. Good memory! This little girl really represents the drive and determination. Sitting and reflection on something more -Externally and internally – seems more essential…. but we must honor that determined little girl and support her on her journey.
      Thank you 💕

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  2. “Choose a different future, not the one that looms as some grim sentence.” I love that Val – the freedom to choose. It’s amazing how easily and unconsciously we will follow a “grim future.”

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