becoming unravelled

When life unravels

Breathe deeply

Find your Middle Ground.

Be kind.

The yarn of your life

Will be repaired and retold.


30 comments on “When Life Unravels

  1. Thank you Val, needed this today ❤

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  2. Beautiful. Brief and powerful. Thank you. 💕🙏🏻

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  3. Thank you Val. Nice reminder.

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  4. Did your dogs chew the ear off that poor bear?

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  5. So glad to get to read your simple powerful reminders after long 🙂

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  6. Life always unravels in some way, doesn’t it? And when we re-string, I think we get stronger each time. (At least, I certainly hope so!).

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  7. Yes, indeed.

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  8. wow, you wouldn’t believe how spot-on this message is, Val. We are currently experiencing electrical power outages on a weekly basis in No. Calif. and this weekend is our second one of the week, totaling 5 days this week without any services. 2.5 million people are affected and it’s created panic and chaos. It’s a tricky landscape for those of us who try to stay balanced in every challenge, but I will think of this wonderful photo and the words from above, “…the yarn of your life will be repaired” during this upcoming power outage. Thank you, Val, so much.

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    • So glad this helped Jet. 🙏 Take it easy in the turmoil around you. You are safe. There is much to be grateful for. This will pass. And life goes on ❣️


  9. Very timely, Val. Thanks to you. ❤

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  10. I love this. A simply stated truth. ❤

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  11. Excellent Val… May we weave a new world of love and light together.. ❤

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