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The 4 A’s for fulfillment are some basic needs that we all have as human beings. I like to think of them as essential elements for the wellspring of life.

They are:

~ Attention ~

~ Appreciation ~

~ Affection ~

~ Acceptance ~

Take a moment to reflect on how you feel when someone offers you these things:

When someone pays attention to you, listens and is truly present with you…

When you feel appreciated for who you are, and someone thanks you…

When you are given affection and feel loved…

When you are accepted for just the way you are, despite not being perfect…

I know of a parent who intentionally punished their child by withdrawing her attention and ignoring her. She stone walled and turned her back in order to show her displeasure if the child didn’t do as she was told.
Can you imagine how this child felt, being rejected like this? Its no surprise that as an adult, her life became totally absorbed with filling the void within her. She craved attention and desperately needed to be appreciated. She was hungry for signs of affection, and yearned to be accepted by others.

Knowing the 4 A’s for fulfillment can help us understand our own motivations and support our healing from times in the past when these essential needs were not met. When we were small, we didn’t have the ability or insight to know what was happening, but we deeply felt the consequences.
Now it can be a gift to ourselves, to become more kind and compassionate to the small wounded child within us.

It can also be a powerful gift for us to give to others. It builds relationships and connection. It makes people feel good about themselves.

Notice if you find this difficult, neutral or easy.
If it’s difficult for you to give to others, then it might reflect your own need to give more to yourself. Fill your own wellspring so you can share with others.

32 comments on “The 4 A’s for Fulfillment

  1. yes, to the 4 a’s

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  2. Loved when u said.. If it’s difficult to give, learn about your own!! That’s what I was searching myself to understand! Thanku!

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  3. There’s no doubt, Val, that these 4 A’s are the very essence and life-blood of relationship.

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    • The life – blood of relationships and the essence of life.
      And when we find this within ourselves then we transform and connect to the divine within us and all. 🙏

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  4. Did you come up with these four As? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them–very insightful they are!

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    • Thank you Edy. I looked for the source for this and it isn’t in the internet any longer. I recall it was a spiritual lesson from Deepak Chopra combined with some coaching wisdom from one of my early trainers. Either way, it’s a great message for our wellbeing, and our success if we give it to others at work 😍


  5. Such an inspirational post, Val.
    The 4 A’s are all so important. Thank you for sharing ❤

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  6. Inner child work became cliched years ago and I don’t know why. We carry that hurt (or adored) child with us all out lives. As adults, we can choose to heal our inner child’s wounds with intention with the four A’s. Great post, Val.

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    • Thank you Diana …. I had no idea about the over use and clicheing of inner child work. I lived 40 years before coming across it here in the US. It was powerful. When it makes the mass media and press, i can see how it can become the flavor of the month, is labeled as new age and is open to ridicule.
      What ego will do to diminish something that threatens it!
      Thank you for being here and all that you do 🙏

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  7. We do project those things we fear in our lives, and as my fear was ‘rejection’ my craving for chocolate must have been that call for sweetness in my life to replace it 😀
    Those 4 A’s are most certainly those things we try to fulfill in our hearts Val, and thankfully we do finally understand our fears and allow them full access ❤️
    Great post ❤️

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  8. Beautiful Val 🙂

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  9. deserving or not
    thanks, Val
    for the A 🙂

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  10. Good post, Val. I give you an A . . . plus! 😀

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  11. Good stuff, Val! ❤

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  12. Those 4 a’s are spot on, Val. Sooo good! ❤

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  13. Great post and advice, Val. Perhaps the most important thing you added at the end are the two thoughts: “It can also be a powerful gift for us to give to others. It builds relationships and connection…” Perfect way to start a Monday with this read.

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    • Thank you Randall. So glad you appreciated how this awareness can be a real gift to others. It’s a wonderful way to be in the world 🙏


  14. yesss! Wise words!

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  15. Lovely post and great advice. The 4 A’s are Awesome!

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