A Question for the Future

This time of year can bring many questions and refections. Here is question to ponder. Enjoy this Middle Ground pause.


At this time of year it’s natural to reflect back and then look forward to what the New Year might bring.  Some of us set game plans and goals to accomplish… Others have intentions around our own evolution and inner journey…  And some of us like to stay in the present moment.

You know how I enjoy shifting perspectives and seeing things in a new way. Seeing things differently can bring clarity and break us free from conditioning and “stuckedness”.

I came across this question and knew I had to share with you. Go beyond your analytical, practical mind, and open up your intuition.  Let your inner guide answer this one.

Imagine your future self gives you a box and says the object symbolises your destiny.question mark boxWhat do you see when you open the box?


Your box is as big as your imagination. It can be as large as a landscape or a small symbol that represents something more. Be open to whatever shows up.

This is what lies ahead for me.

tender heart

I pictured a rose quartz heart in a simple little box. It represents an open heart; self acceptance; bringing peace and compassion for self and others.

What’s in your destiny box?



24 thoughts on “A Question for the Future

  1. This is a great question and challenge, Val. Thanks for sharing it.
    I’m not able to tune in right now, but the question are open to be answered, when I find the answer.
    Wish you a beautiful and Happy New Year ❤


  2. What first came to mind is a candle. I think of illumination and perhaps that is personal to me, as well as spreading some of that warm light. But I will be thinking about this challenge, Val. It brings up lovely considerations and it would be a really nice discussion with a couple of dear and trusted friends, as well.

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  3. What a powerful exercise! I see a few different possibilities in the box … I’ll think about what they mean. There’s a pretty little book in there that I need to write. The whole ocean somehow fit in there too, and grandchildren. ❤️

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  4. Merely “change”. My life is impermanent and I never ever know what the future holds, so I try to stay rooted in today (and let tomorrow take care of itself when it comes)

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  5. Dear Val. I have been missing in action, having my head down in studying for my Masters, which is now complete. Despite my feelings of pride in my achievement, there was something missing. Now I realize that it was having that time of reflection that I used to indulge in daily. I had not had time to visit my inner self. Thanks for the reminder today and especially the idea to look into the future me. I hope to be back more frequently now that I have no immediate tasks in front of me. best wishes for 2020.

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