chipmunk hibernating


Time hurtling forward

Pressure to bring about change.

Only in our minds.


Follow Nature’s way

Take time for restoration.

Find your Middle Ground



Winter is the season for nurturing, reflection and preparation before the upsurge of energy in Spring.

Change is inevitable, yet we don’t need to subscribe to or purchase anything to bring it about … or make commitments that don’t feel right just now.

Let nature be your guide for this New Year.

Give yourself a break.

Find your Middle Ground and trust that inspiration will come when its time.

25 comments on “Haiku – change

  1. Really good advice Val, no stress and remember to breathe 🙂

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  2. Give ourselves a break. That’s the New year’s resolution Val. Right there.

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  3. At the moment I am at home with signs of a burn out. Still in the fase of restoring myself and indeed feeling the pressure to bring about change.

    Then I read this haiku.

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  4. I love nature, and Val’s, advice.

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  5. Beautiful Val and so important!

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  6. Your words fall to me like a really warm, comfy blanket, Val. I love the idea of letting nature be my guide.

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  7. Resolution: Perfect the Art of doing NOTHING of Note!
    Just Be.

    Enjoy this moment as it is . . . see where it leads.

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  8. Excellent Val… May nature always be our guide.. Have a wonderful weekend at this start to our new decade.. ❤

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  9. Good advice, Val. Happy New Year! How about those Eagles! 🙂


  10. ‘Change is inevitable, yet we don’t need to subscribe to or purchase anything to bring it about. ‘ amen, Val. Amen 💕

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  11. Ah, that’s just the little hug and voice of comfort I needed! Thank you!

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  12. a perfect counterpart to the hype and pressure of New Year’s resolutions.

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