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Settle in and breathe
into your center of Being
Find your Middle Ground

It only takes a moment to pause, slow down, and bring awareness to our breath. Imagine breathing deeply into the center of your Being.

Slow, full diaphragmatic breathing settles the nervous system and brings about relaxation in the body and mind. In this place of relaxed awareness we connect to our inner world. Releasing thoughts, we let go of judgments and learn to simply Be. The outer world loses its grasp on us and we begin to connect to our authentic self. This is the place for personal growth and the beginning of your spiritual journey.

Find out more about Finding Your Middle Ground here

14 comments on “Haiku – breathe

  1. Beautiful pause 🙏🏻💚

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  2. Absolutely agree and something never said enough, you said it perfectly and beautifully.

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  3. Lovely, Val. Breath is so invisible to us, but its a wonderful regulator and worth paying attention too. Breathe.

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  4. I hear you and I always appreciate the reminder. Thank you. Slowing down to breathe is a gift we can give ourselves. Wishing you a beautiful day.

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  5. that photo, along with your words, seem to define serenity…

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  6. More and more I am calmer and calmer.
    Less stress = more joy!

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