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Here are the steps I have discovered for myself and others, for finding our middle ground and living life in balance 💛

  • Notice! Take time to pause and be aware of the incredible gift of life that you share with others and with nature. Wake up to the little things. Wake up to  your self. Wake up to it all. This is called living mindfully. Become a keen observer.
  • Become present. Stop lamenting the past or worrying about tomorrow.  Living is in each moment. Now. Take a deep breath.  Then an other.  Notice you are still here… not there.
  • Get to know yourself. Take that first scary step of self discovery. Turn off the tv.  Sit for a while. Journal about what comes up. Have a meaningful conversation. Listen more to others. Listen more to yourself.
  • Accept that life has ups and downs. Really! Some one told us when we were little that life should be a breeze. This is called wishful thinking. Be grateful for the highs and graceful in the lows. This is called living life well.
  • Let go of judgments. We think that judging others or ourselves makes us feel strong. Judgments come from fear of not being in control  and having things go our way. Our way is not the way. There is nothing wrong, so stop trying to be right. Stop comparing, criticizing  and start letting others be. Let yourself be.
  • Realize that you are not your thinking. You are the one who is aware of your thoughts. You are awareness within a physical body, with an imaginative and fearful ego-mind that creates stories. Your thinking is not the truth about who you are or the world around you.
  • Move out of your head and open your heart. Develop kindness, self compassion, and generosity of spirit. Nurture heart centered living and your Higher Self. Here you will find a deep knowing and connection to everyone and everything.
  • Find peace and love within. Beyond the next breath and the next thought there is a deep reservoir of peace waiting to be stepped into. This cool refreshing stillness has always been there and will always be there for us to access. To connect to this wondrous pool becomes our practice… whether its in yoga, mindfulness meditation, sitting in nature, or while commuting on the train,  realize that you too can find your own middle ground and awaken heart and soul.

This blog is my way of helping people get their feet wet and refreshing themselves.

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32 comments on “Steps to Find Your Middle Ground

  1. Beautifully said dear lady, I shall indeed wet my feet in life’s flow ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. life is a gift
    so go ahead lift off
    and give up and give to others
    chicky bebbe

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  3. This is so beautiful
    Thank you so much Val ❤️🙏

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  4. ❤️

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  5. Take a pause, connect within and to nature, through nature, move out of your head and in to your heart – Your post is so good to reinforce these important reminders, as I find myself time and gain having to retrain and practice or the suffer the results of feeling disconnected from myself.

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  6. This is wonderful. Something to read every day!

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  7. Fantastic share, Val!


  8. lots of good ideas here, Val, for helping us to stay balanced…

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  9. You had a pleasant tone to your accent. It was a wonderful experience for me. Our journey seems to be filled with natural wonders.

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  10. taking time to notice…oh yes and so lovely Val 🌱 I’m craving green…thank you for sharing compose another joyful day ~ smiles hedy ☺️🌷🤗

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  11. YES. I think I’d like to read these reminders every single morning. THANK you. xo Namaste.

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  13. You had a wonderful tone to emphasize. It was a superb encounter for me. Our travel appears to be filled with characteristic wonders.

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