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You Don’t Have to Be a Yogi to Do This

Today I am sharing a yoga practice with a chair. You don’t have to be a yogi to do this!

Please join me for centering, letting go, and getting a good stretch. You can even do it at your desk.

Let’s find our middle ground together!


Chair Yoga with Val from Val Boyko on Vimeo.

May you find peace today and everyday.

7 comments on “You Don’t Have to Be a Yogi to Do This

  1. Great to share Val…will try your gentle yoga video thanks kindly ☺️🤓🌷

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  2. Well that was a great way to start my morning sitting at my desk! Thank you Val. ❤

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  3. this looks like the perfect way to start in on some yoga; thanks, Val!

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  4. Wonderful! 👏💕

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  5. That was AWESOME, Val! Exactly right!

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