More Than Ever – Find Your Middle Ground

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These are such challenging and fast moving times aren’t they. I have been reluctant to post about COVID-19. There have been too many conversations about the threat of the unknown and constant updates in the media.
Last Thursday I stopped teaching classes in public and I lost the structure of my days. I told myself it’s like a “staycation”. What a great time to reconnect with Don and enjoy our lovely home and garden together.
I found myself getting addicted to the need to know what’s happening. I thought this would make me feel more in control, but the opposite happened. I began to feel adrift.
I felt more and more disconnected and anxious, the more I engaged.
Like a stick in a raging river, with no rudder or direction, I felt out of control and scared.
Then I realized, its okay to feel like this. This is the reality right now. When I accepted this, there was an inner shift. I realized that I needed to find my own middle ground. Not just to talk about it for others, but to make it so. Now more than ever.
Today I am now focused on making it so for myself, so I can support others.
There is a lot of inspiration out there. I will share what I come across, as well as delve into my archives to share posts that feel right for these times.
I have also started recording a yoga class from home on Vimeo. I hope you yogis here enjoy this first attempt. It ends abruptly as I ran out of disc space.
Take care of yourself and loved ones.
Take time to pause and reflect on whatever is coming up for you.
Now, more than ever, take time to find your middle ground.

37 thoughts on “More Than Ever – Find Your Middle Ground

  1. Thank you for writing this Val. You wrote how I’ve been feeling, what I’ve been struggling with and how I too have decided to ‘find my own middle ground’ as you call it so that I can be present and supportive for those I love and all around me.

    Much gratitude. I shall definitely take in your video — thank you! ❀

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  2. Thanks, Val. I think now is a time to focus on the good and the healing and try not to get caught up in the turbulence all around… but considering it’s everywhere right now, it can seem a little daunting.

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  3. Val, thank you for this post. You’ve expressed what many have been feeling. I am deeply grateful for the yoga video and look forward to practicing with you tomorrow. Be well, dear Val. Namaste. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

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  4. Good to hear you were able to overcome your fears and bring your life back in focus and yes, it’s a good time for everyone to slow down and take time to reconnect with family (which they may have not done so much in today’s busy whirlpool of technology and busyness).

    It’s a good time to be more discerning about what we watch on social media and the TV. Being informed is a good thing. But too much seeking and too much misinformation actually draws away from reality.

    I’m in a great place mentally as I’ve learned to be self-sufficient mentally and physically (with being more house-bound due to chronic illness and restrictive physical health conditions over recent years).

    But I do feel for people who may have their income reduced or made redundant in the workforce. I do understand what it’s like to have social connections and lifestyle very limited.

    …..and I have learned to stop and slow down. Live mindfully each day.

    Fear about what hasn’t happened yet clogs our middle ground and forces us to break free from reality. We need to face reality as it arises, not self-project our minds with the fear of the unknown.

    While we need to be cautious, we don’t need to panic and disrupt those around us. A calm mind will enable one to endure and put things into perspective. A sensible approach will allow us all to get through this difficult time on Planet Earth.

    Stay well and centred, Val. Keep that Middle Ground in front of you.

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  5. Wonderful and inspiring Val… ( and loved watching you and your calm voice on your Yoga Video my friend. )
    I think this is all playing its part in the BIG SHIFT as we face our internal fears, and learn to let them go… We each are being tested on what it is we are focusing upon..
    We need to trust our body, Its a powerful instrument which has wonderful self healing capabilities… We need only be mindful of each other in our responsible respect of others, And when we respect it, nourish it and align ourselves with positive energy.. It all makes for a better immune system…

    Great advice dearest Val.. In love and Gratitude my friend.. ❀ πŸ™πŸ’™


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