Finding Grace When Triggered

I came across this earlier post … and boy did it take me back. May we all find grace by connecting to the most vulnerable part of ourselves … our heart.

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The Argument

“How dare you!!” 

Come into the present moment and notice

the pounding head, the clenched jaw and hands in fists

the thoughts that spark like fiery daggers

“Don’t control me! I don’t want this! I don’t need you!”

Feel the tears and absolute frustration

the vulnerability at being in this place of hurt and loss.

Loss of control. Loss of connection. Loss of understanding.

Become that wee girl too young for words

crying girl

She knows this place. This sheer frustration. Hurting and not knowing why.

Let this rage turn into one of your biggest breaths ever

Open your mouth and gasp like a fish

take in the air that nourishes and calms

Let it out with a cry from your very soul.

Let the tears roll. Feel their heat running down your cheeks.


Feel the energy dropping through you like a stone

allow it to release and pass through the mesh that’s your body

Feel the unburdening and letting go

notice the softening  in your body, your thoughts and your being

Say hello to this vulnerable part of you

Feel the relief and the love

You are still here.

And now you are ready to talk about what just happened.


23 thoughts on “Finding Grace When Triggered

  1. Such an important post as we each connect at some points in our lives with our Inner wounded child… Learning to nurture her/him and allowing those sobs as you allow them to come to heal and cleanse, as you hug that little inner child, taking them into your heart.. Loving them and making them feel safe and secure.. Knowing all is now well in your world… ❤
    I wonder Val how many of us have said hello to that vulnerable part of ourselves ???

    Much love my friend ❤

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  2. It is amazing how that inner dam builds, until some poor soul asks us some simple question and gets drowned as our conditional dam lets go.
    We see that this is not acceptable as we get older and wiser and so hang on…and hang on, until we break down.
    Anger management (of all the emotions because of its destructive nature, to us and others) should be a part of every school to show us that grace can be a part of our everyday life.
    Great post dear lady, your grace is showing beautifully 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • Thank you Mark for your kind comment and sharing. I agree with you. Teaching children how to get in touch with and mange their emotions is such a powerful life lesson. Alas, it is also one for parents…. and educators. There is such an opportunity here 💛🙏💛

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