My musings this morning as the snow comes down and I prepare / procrastinate to  shovel ……. Life is like the weather.


Some times we know ahead of time to prepare for an upcoming storm or get the chairs out for a glorious stretch of sunshine and warmth.

At other times the weather comes without notice and catches us off guard.

We can spend time worrying about what the weather will be like so we can plan accordingly.

Being prepared makes us feel more safe and secure.

At the end of the day though we have to acknowledge it and accept it.

Like life, we try to control what we can in order to feel safe.

Like life, its often the anticipation of the worst that is harder than living in it.

Like life, there are moments that take our breath away and fill our heart with gratitude.

Like life, there are moments that are uncomfortable and challenging.

Like life, we can find comfort, love, peace, contentment, inspiration and joy  in the highs and lows.

Like life, it will pass.

Namaste x

10 comments on “Life is Like … the weather

  1. This is so appropriate as I hunker down for the snow in the weather and in life. Thank you.


  2. Great post and beautiful photo.


  3. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Trying to control everything is a recipe for disaster, just ask me! Letting go is so much better (within reason of course). Lovely post.


    • I’m smiling about the “within reason of course” bit! I’m a recovering controlaholic … I hear you 🙂 Thank you for sharing your point of view!


  4. That photo is gorgeous! Thanks, Val.


  5. Thank you.
    Life – it goes on. 🙂


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