* When You Smile…

This is a lovely poem. When you read it the first time think of your special love. The second time, think of everyone around you! Val x


SmileFrom There’s Something About Alice

When you smile my day becomes anew,
When you smile I forget I was ever feeling blue,
When you smile my spirits are lifted,
When you smile it’s like you’re gifted,

When you smile we become as one,
One big smile bigger than the biggest sun,
More radiant than those powerful rays,
When you smile you light up my darkest of days,

When you smile everything else becomes insignificant,
When you smile you look so magnificent,
When you smile you’re like a wheel in motion,
The cogs of your brain turning with devotion,

Around and around this feeling sends me in a spin,
A complete feeling of happiness deep within,
When you smile…

(By Ben Burgess)

From dertz.in


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