Sometimes the best ideas come to me just before I wake up in the morning. This morning I decided I will have a day where I am curious.

curious dog with bird

People who are curious tend to:

♦ Transform everyday tasks into the interesting and find the extraordinary in the ordinary

♦ Engage more in the world and tune into the environment

♦ Think from a place of possibilities and openness

♦ Have closer relationships with others because we are interested in learning about them

♦ Intuitively know that curiosity leads to passion and meaning

♦ Seek to learn and build knowledge … and are open to what we don’t know

♦ Play well and add a sense of playfulness to what we are doing

♦ Embrace uncertainty and rediscover the pleasure of surprise

♦ Be happy

To be curious we must pause in the moment.

No longer skipping and skimming our lives into the future or letting ourselves be stuck in the mud of the past.

To be curious brings us to our Middle Ground and we flourish here. It awakens creativity, gratitude and our inner Presence. It is the gateway to transforming all parts of our lives and awakening our spirit.

Why not join me in seeing how curious you can be today? We might surprise ourselves and each other!



24 comments on “* Wake up and Be Curious

  1. What a lovely invitation! I’ll join you in curious exploration of my day today.


  2. Me too Val, I will join you and Louise!
    Diana xo


  3. Love it, Val!!! ❤


  4. Thank you for this reminder and your great suggestions as to how to be curious. 🙂


  5. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    I’m already smiling at the idea of kick-starting my day with curiosity!


  6. How true! As a teacher and school librarist working with difficult pupils I’m often despaired by their lack of “real” (the one your post is about) curiosity, but from time to time miracles occur, and yes, “spiritual” curiosity is a blessing and allow people to grow up, to become what ther are, within… great post Val!


  7. Based on your list – I think I live a curious lifestyle! I always called it nosy – but I’ll take curious! 🙂


  8. Scanners want to taste everything. They’re adaptable, flexible, lightning fast learners who are curious about anything and everything they don’t already understand. They enjoy learning about new things and translating the information to share with others.

    As a result of these interests, they are excellent teachers, communicators, and educators.

    Like you!


  9. Healing Grief

    Good reminder Val. In expecting the same outcomes everyday we lose our ability to be curious and explore the world through the eyes of a child. There is always something to discover about ourselves and life.


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