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What Makes Someone “Difficult”?

“What makes someone difficult?   Essentially, it’s their energy. We don’t have to be students of quantum field theory or Buddhist metaphysics to sense how much the energies around us affect our moods and feelings.  What makes someone tough for you to take? Basically,…

Breathe Well and Live Well


Breathe well and you will find your Middle Ground. I love to breathe! Its what attracted me to yoga and keeps me passionate about how yoga and mindfulness can transform us. Without breathing fully, a yoga practice becomes simply a workout. Rather than calming…

Life is … Letting Go

I came across this earlier post and it made me pause and reflect today. Letting go is always a part of living, yet can be hard sometimes. I hope you enjoy this reminder. oooOooo Letting go is living life fully. We let go of…

Five Myths About Meditation

Enjoy this re-blog. Meditation never goes out of date, and we come back to it again and again. ooO0Ooo My thanks go to to Ashley Turner at Entheos Academy for sharing this wisdom. It clarifies what can get in the way between you and…

Steady Awareness

“In the light of calm and steady self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without effort on your part.” ~ Sri Nisagardatta Maharaj And so the path begins. Being aware is the first step to bring about transformation from stress and anxiety, and…

Can you Recognize When Life Gets Out of Balance?

This is a reblog of an earlier post about finding balance. My week has also been off balance. I have a Yoga Teacher Mentor workshop tomorrow on Low Back Issues, and I found myself researching so much I lost the overall intention of what…

There is no Need

inside the Trump penthouse

This poem by Steve Taylor really resonates with me and what I stand for in Finding Your Middle Ground. Set aside some time to pause and reflect on these words. Listen for the quiet voice within that already knows that there is no need.  …

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