inside the Trump penthouse

This poem by Steve Taylor really resonates with me and what I stand for in Finding Your Middle Ground. Set aside some time to pause and reflect on these words. Listen for the quiet voice within that already knows that there is no need.


inside the Trump penthouse
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There’s no need to surround yourself with luxury
to treat yourself to the best of everything
metallic fridges and designer bags
the colours of the season, the car of the year
to show others that you’re special
and feel incomplete when you can’t.

You don’t need daily doses of good news
to lift your mood when you feel glum.
You don’t need compliments or presents
or flirtatious smiles across the room
to keep you happy with yourself
or hourly fixes of pleasure
to set your brain cells jingling
and frustrate you when they don’t.

There’s no need to say the right thing
to be charming or funny or stylish
so that strangers notice you, and your friends
still like you.
There’s no need to pretend, or to prove yourself.
You need the respect of others
in order to respect yourself.

There’s no need to cover up the silence
with the chatter of radio and TVs.
There’s no need to fill the empty space
with jobs that don’t need doing
or words that have no meaning
or tasks that have no purpose
except to fill the empty space.

You only need to meet yourself
to let the discord within you fade away
and find the stillness underneath
the place where you’re already whole
where there is no need to seek or strive
because there is no need.

~ Steve Taylor. Taken from “The Calm Center”

May we all find this calm center.


18 comments on “There is no Need

  1. Love the message of the poem. The photo illustrates it sadly.

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  2. There is no need at all. ❤

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  3. excellent post, Val. 🙂


  4. Nashra Usmani

    Reblogged this on The Nash Tray and commented:
    Thought this is worth sharing in a world where everyone is trying to prove themselves through arbitrary measures.

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  5. Excellent, Val – and so topical

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  6. very relevant, Val!
    no need
    for the greed 🙂

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  7. Good share!

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  8. Absolutely love this, Val ❤ Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Wonderful, Val. This poem is a breath of fresh air and a deep sigh into peacefulness.

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