The Heart

The heart is quiet rather than noisy, intuitive rather than deductive, lives entirely in the present moment and is at every moment accepting of reality as it is. Moreover, the heart does not seek to distance itself from, or dominate anything or anyone by labeling. It accepts rather than rejects, finding similarity rather than alienation…

via The heart — Mindfulbalance

16 thoughts on “The Heart

  1. yes ❤
    I love the looking into this, Val.
    I'm thinking, that the heart is that calmed and quieter place. Unperturbed by the noise of the outside.
    I don't find this image to be 'too quiet.'
    I find balance within it. the empty bench…. well, it only waits for us to just sit down, doesn't it?

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  2. So beautifully said!. “The heart is intuitive rather than deductive”: That´s simply wonderful. Our hearts and feelings do not follow the laws of Reason, intuition is most times a powerful thing. I guess we can also learn to develop it as we live own, due to our own experiences, that intuition has to do with growing up & evolving too, I´d say… Great share, dear Val… Sending love& best wishes. 😀 ❤

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