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The Mellow Glow

Why fight against the fading glow of youth? Why try to freeze a process that can’t be stopped? You’re clinging too hard, that’s why you’re weary; your face is lined with tension not with age. And even if your form has altered a little…

Without Space

To appreciate space, sometimes we must recognize what life is like without it. Instead of rushing headlong through your day to meet constant demands, or telling yourself you have to just get it over with, take a moment to consider how bringing more space…

The Challenge

  How will you know how strong you are unless your strength is tested? How will you know how deep you are unless turmoil breaks your surface and forces you to dive? How will you know what sleeps inside until the whole of you…

The Same Substance

How can we be separate when we’re the same substance, body and soul, collections of the same atoms and channels of the same soul force? Let’s be like children whose beings are too empty to be filled with distinctions too open to be closed…

There is no Need

inside the Trump penthouse

This poem by Steve Taylor really resonates with me and what I stand for in Finding Your Middle Ground. Set aside some time to pause and reflect on these words. Listen for the quiet voice within that already knows that there is no need.  …

* The Power of Eckhart Tolle by Steve Taylor

Originally posted on Evolutionary_Mystic Post:
Originally published in Kindred Spirit, 2011. In a recent survey by Watkins Bookshop, Eckhart Tolle was listed as the ‘most spiritually influential living person on the planet.’ You might think that such a person would be someone who…

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