challenge of awakening

How will you know how strong you are
unless your strength is tested?

How will you know how deep you are
unless turmoil breaks your surface
and forces you to dive?

How will you know what sleeps inside
until the whole of you is challenged to wake up?

Then you’ll turn inside to gather your resources
your untapped reserves of strength and skill
then rise like the sun, amazed by your own brightness,
stronger than you ever suspected
deeper than you ever dreamed.

~ Steve Taylor taken from “The Calm Center”

In the words of Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way “Ahh … That’s better”

19 comments on “The Challenge

  1. I felt these words were especially for me to read today Val.. Brilliant quote. And I leave all the calmer.. ❤
    Love and Blessings Val.. Take care.. I am.. 🙂


  2. Absolutely perfect for today, Val. Thank you for sharing these wise words!


  3. Here’s to being Brighter, Stronger, Deeper, and . . . BETTER! 😀

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  4. “your untapped reserves of strength and skill” are limitless and eternal imho one need just do as is suggested and there they will be revealed


  5. Adversity is the road to discovering our possibilities, our abilities.

    That is why sports done the correct way is so valuable.

    Learning team is more important than individual

    Learning how to lose I’m fr9nt of an audience

    Learning to pick your butt back up, assess your weaknesses, workout to improve
    Then reengage the competition.

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  6. So true. If not for adversity, we may never reach our potential. In fact I am certain we would not. ❤

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  7. As much as we don’t ‘enjoy’ challenges, the irony is our deepest growth springs out them. Contrast!


  8. It is in the challenge and the difficult we did u st our inner warrior and strength! So true 🌈

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  9. Nice to remember on difficult days – thanks Val.

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  10. Contrast is always required. Love this poem.

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  11. Beautiful, Val. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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  12. sometimes i know
    cause someone
    tells me 🙂

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  13. Yes…how would we know…

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