little seed breaking free
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I  believe that we can all contribute to world peace. It starts with being kind to ourselves.
Helping others is a good place to start, but the real work is ours to do for ourselves.

We must find that peaceful, nourishing and inspiring place I call our Middle Ground. In this place, we learn to let go of judgment, accept what is, and open our hearts.

The critical, competitive and fearful voice in our head loses its hold over us. We learn not to believe our thinking, and see the world with more clarity.

This is where peace and awakening arises.

This poem by Chade-Meng Tan (Google’s Jolly Good Fellow and author of Search Inside Yourself) is my inspiration for this blog:

With deep inner peace

And great compassion, self compassion and fun

Aspire daily to save the world.

But do not strive to achieve it.

Just do whatever comes naturally.

Because when aspiration is strong

And compassion blossoms,

Whatever comes naturally,

Is also the right thing to do.

Thus you,

The wise compassionate being,

Save the world while having fun.


As I sit here, I ask myself this question, and I will ask it of you too.

How can I bring more compassion, inspiration and fun into what comes naturally?

For me, it is in writing posts for this blog and teaching my yoga students. What about you?

39 comments on “Contributing to World Peace

  1. Such a good point, Val. Hard to realize that we must be as kind and compassionate and concerned for ourselves as any other. And yet, in a way that is not selfish, but respectful of who we all are together…


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    • I like that Michael. We are conditioned to be critical of ourselves while being kind to others. Perhaps we have to get to that point to realize that being kind to ourselves is not a selfish act at all, but one of love for who we all are. Namaste 🙏


  2. You’re so right. My goal is to do it through my posts both here and on Instagram.

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  3. So true!! 🙂 God bless!

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  4. Hi Val. This is so true for me. But, it wasn’t until my journey caring for my mom what is going on three years now, took me through anger and resentment that something dawned on me. While at Yoga for Seniors Teacher training, someone with whom I was paired with for an exercise, asked me this question: “What is your heart’s desire?” Wow. Yeah, right? It’s then and there I realized that my heart’s desire is to live my true nature. Which, at this point in my life, is caring for my mom with love and positive intention. Tears came that day. And, let me tell you, they were a gift as was the question that changed my thinking and my outlook. Self-care and boundaries are vital in caring for others and through my yoga trainings and practice, I have found peace and an open heart. Thank you for being part of my journey. Namaste. 🙏

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    • Ah, thank you Jan 💛. Opening our hearts is such an empowering step. Before, we thought we needed to protect them … and now we free ourselves from the past and embrace our authentic being. I am so glad that you are finding your way through challenging times. This is the space for real growth and transformation 💕


  5. Love the lead picture of ‘one and all’. For me, I think, the answer is writing, photographing and the work I do – in equal parts 🙂

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    • Ah yes, I am glad you appreciated that photo Helen. It spoke to me too. Your writing and photography certainly have an impact on my way of being. Thank you Helen 💛


  6. It starts at home.

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  7. Always begins with us first! Great reminder Val 🙏🏻🌈

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  8. I maintain a daily meditation practice that helps me to experience and share laughter, joy and love all day.

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  9. For me I think it’s taking life a little slower than I used to and being more mindful. I was a work alcoholic and was not able to see, feel, and taste the life that was all around me and slipping by. Now I notice everything and realize that the me long ago was not the real me. Kindness toward self and others with a sense of humor goes a long way.

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  10. I strive to be kind.
    Kindness echoes.

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  11. Great reminder, Val. When I depart this world, I hope that I’m remembered as a compassionate and kind person. Really…that’s all that matters.

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  12. For me, it is connecting with people on WordPress and through my therapy groups. Thanks for contributing to world peace, Val.

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  13. It took me a long time to realize that I needed to make peace within myself before I could begin to live more fully, and to help create a peaceful atmosphere around me. I think that is why I like your blog so much, it validates that journey and reminds me to keep working at accepting my true self, and others!


  14. Loving myself doesn’t come easy, but I know that is where it all starts. My love of nature keeps me anchored and it is from that point that inspiration comes. I just have to keep myself in its vortex!

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  15. For me, Val, it is through my blog and the interactions in the conversations that unfold there, and creating beauty not only with my camera but with my entire life, and as I walk through life I treat others kindly and “try” to see the wound when others hurt me “before” I “react”. Not always doable. There is a knee-jerk response to defend and to stand tall refusing to allow anyone to disrespect me. So I do create beauty, and I am a Peacemaker, but I also am a Warrior at Heart to stand up to injustice as well. Oh yes, let me not forget the service I do for those who are less fortunate then me. Above all else, I Love me no matter the circumstances! Whew! Tough “blueprint”. 😉

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  16. Just catching up! Now in a delightful B&B near Bristol in England.

    My contribution is something that is much, much easier to write than do! Namely, be the person you want others to be.

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  17. It is truly a gift to understand that having love and compassion for ourselves is not selfish or narcissistic, but rather the starting place to extend those beautiful qualities out into our world. Thanks, Val…beautiful, peaceful, important piece ❤

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  18. What a great post. Someone once told me that if all the kind, grateful, loving people were yoga teachers, we’d be in big trouble as a civilization. We need kind, grateful, loving bankers, politicians, electricians, and store clerks, etc. If we each nourished ourselves with compassion, inspiration and fun, what a place we could create! For me, it’s writing, Val, and spending time with Mother Nature. 🙂


  19. Agreed. Aspire but do not strive. Excellent advice!

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  20. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss. For me, writing, practicing yoga, walking, hugging my guy as often as possible, and making my grandchildren laugh. xo


  21. I love your photo of the one seed standing up above the others, Val. It’s very appropriate to your message. I think just living and loving in the moment is my way of being at peace. All the distractions can be so harmful to one’s feeling of well-being.

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  22. Such a beautiful post Val, as they all are.. And each one inspires us to find that Middle Ground to BE..
    For me, how I choose to find that inner peace is like this morning.. You found me hands dirty, digging in the earth.. Planting and sowing seeds in the garden..
    Keep planting your own seeds Val, we all need to grow into more peaceful selves..
    Blessings and much love xxx ❤

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    • Greetings from sunny Paris Sue. Not much time to catch up here or blog. We head back to Scotland tomorrow. I’m missing my garden back home ❣️

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      • Oh I am pleased to hear Paris is getting some Sunshine.. Lets hope it travels back this way.. Have a Safe Trip to Scotland.. We are there in a weeks time.. 😀
        We are preparing both allotments and home garden ready to leave for a while.. And we are not getting top side of planting..
        Sending Huge Hugs.. ENJOY!.. ❤

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