Meditation for healing

This is a re-blog of a personal story about dealing with some physical pain while I was at Kripalu. For those of you who live with chronic pain, I hope you will be inspired by this.keep calm breathe and ouch

I have a deformity of my low back, which was exacerbated in a skiing accident in the 1990’s. The bottom line is that I have to be really careful not to jolt it, do quick movements or backbends that could bring about spasms or make the condition worse.

So, going to Kripalu a few years ago, I made sure I had strong antispasmodics if my back went into spasm. I didn’t want to be incapacitated for yoga teacher training!

I was alert and prepared. I was also pretty tense about it.

The first two days I was being so careful; avoiding certain poses and making my own adjustments. I feel good about taking care …  “of this darn back of mine that is preventing me from having as much fun as everyone else!”

Then I experienced a sharp pain in my left knee. With all the sitting I wasn’t surprised, and I needed to give it attention.

pranayamaWe were doing pranayama and meditation practice, and what I was learning was to breathe deeply, adjust my body, and  let the prana or life force flow into the area that  hurt.

The idea is to allow the channels to be open so that the body’s natural healing can work. There are different breathing techniques to activate and move the prana energy.

The next day my knee stopped hurting. But there was a shooting pain in my ankle.

So I adjusted my position and breathed deeply letting the prana flow there.

The next morning, there was no pain.

What about my back? I had forgotten about it. It should have been aching after six days of sitting but it was doing okay.

In fact, I felt wonderful. No pain anywhere.

The lesson I want to share with you is:

Notice it.

Let it relax.

Give it space.

Breathe into it.

Let it be.

What I now understand is that this can work for all pain – whether its physical or emotional.

Our body has a way to deal with hurt and brings its own ability to heal when we recognize it, and are kind towards it.

I’ll still take the meds and apply heat  when needed …. but I’ve learned a valuable lesson about living from my Middle Ground.

I am so grateful.


22 comments on “Prana and Dealing with Pain

  1. how wonderful
    to listen to
    the bodies
    wisdom 🙂

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  2. So true Val! So often we fight pain and only make it worse (as it does for most things we fight). Accepting and being with it allows it to dissolve. Thanks!

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    • Thanks Nancy! I like your thought around fighting too. When we fight against something it will resist more. So good to have you on this journey with me. Val x


  3. Thanks for sharing this we me. I have such appreciation for your words.

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  4. Love that quote!

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  5. May you stay pain-free, Val


  6. I do believe that many ancient healing mysteries are lost to us that could be have helped us today in many ailments. Good to hear that you had found a source of those ancient healings.


  7. Many of us deal with pain in some form or another. Be it emotional or physical, sometimes it demands great attention. Diverting this attention either through medication or other means is the only way not to feel this pain.
    ‘Other means’ possible are distractions introduced including but not limited to focused or concentrated thought and meditation.
    Challenges happen to many of us Val. They come in all forms.
    They add to our life’s journey.


  8. Thanks so much, Val, for this reminder about relaxing to pain in the body. I, too, have a lower back that requires extra attention after a debilitating accident, and the thing I have noticed most is that my body has done an excellent job of healing. Breathing, respect, and relaxing help, as well as regular therapeutic massage and acupuncture. My warmest wishes for continued pain management.

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    • Thank you Jet. I really appreciate your comment and sharing your own experience. I am right with you. We must take take of our bodies, treat them with respect, and tune in to what they want.
      Coming from this place can really shift things and bring our whole being into harmony. 🍪

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  9. Aloha, Val. I worked on bodies for over 20 years – part of my counseling practice was hands-on, because we somatize so much emotional pain. Your simple idea of focusing and opening to each instance of pain is invaluable. Thanks for sharing it. ❤

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  10. pattyspathtohealing

    I had a therapist who was quite elderly and quite into yoga and guided visualizations. She had healed herself of unhealable cancer earlier in life….her words. And she taught me to visualize my pain…both physical and emotional…and it worked. I’ve had a few major surgeries in the past few years and recovered with low levels of pain. Breathing into it works.

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  11. This is so helpful, Val. Thank you for sharing it!


  12. A powerful testament to the power of our bodies to heal…when we engage with our breath, visualize the area needing our loving focus and relaxing into that space. Thank you for this wonderful story. 💕

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  13. Such a beautiful post..When we engage in Yoga And Meditation we heal our soul and not body..Being An Indian ,The Land which Discovered Yoga I totally appreciate your thoughts and love the way you are spreading it’s knowledge.
    More power to you! 😊

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  14. Now I loved that wonderful piece of advice Val .. Notice it Let it relax.
    Give it space. Breathe into it.
    Let it be!!! .
    Brilliant.. 🙂


  15. Wonderful insights here, Val! Thank you for sharing your experience ❤


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