The Mellow Glow

astronomy dark dawn dusk
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Why fight against the fading glow of youth?
Why try to freeze a process that can’t be stopped?
You’re clinging too hard, that’s why you’re weary;
your face is lined with tension not with age.

And even if your form has altered a little
even if the surface is a little worn and chaffed
your being is rich and deep
nourished by experience and understanding
and another kind of light is shining from you now:
a full, mellow glow, like autumn sunshine,
that spreads further and touches deeper
than the flashing, dazzling glow of youth.

Why not let that glow shine through
instead of trying to rekindle a faded light?

Change brings decay if you resist it.
But if you accept it and flow with it,
it brings growth and renewal.

~ Steve Taylor, taken from “The Calm Center”

Let us embrace the full mellow glow that touches others deeply and ignites the light of our own Being.


38 Comments on “The Mellow Glow

    • Thank you Derrick πŸ’›
      P.s. just want to let you know that I can’t access your posts via my iPad and the WordPress app – too many photos to process.
      When I get on to the computer I am able to enjoy them all and can catch up❣️

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  1. Thank you, Val for sharing these poetic, inspiring words. So grateful to have the opportunity to grow old, an option that so many do not have.

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  2. “another kind of light is shining from you now.” – What a lovely sentiment. So don’t fight reality. Embrace what you have. This is such an important message. If we cannot value ourselves in our aging bodies how can we expect others too.
    I always appreciate your messages Val. Peace to you.

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    • Yes. When we are truly content with ourselves and life, it shines through. Thank you Nancy. Keep glowing πŸ’›


  3. Wonderful words dear Val,
    I am more comfortable within my ageing form than ever I was when a spring chicken.. πŸ™‚
    Love these reminders ..
    May you continue to shower us with your perpetual Glow my friend..
    Wishing you a wonderful week and weekend to follow ❀


  4. I guess we all looked around us for gold in these golden years but it was up in the sun all the time. I’m 66 and getting more mellow and at peace every day. And I love it and hope everyone can experience it

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  5. I can’t take this space right now to tell you WHY, but Val, I need this! πŸ™‚ Thank you!


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