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To appreciate space, sometimes we must recognize what life is like without it. Instead of rushing headlong through your day to meet constant demands, or telling yourself you have to just get it over with, take a moment to consider how bringing more space to your day can transform it.

Space is not just for weekends, but for every moment in every day. Make room for it and find your middle ground.


Without space this is no music, only discordant noise.
Without space there is no language, only meaningless sound.
Space weave patterns of meaning
breathes order into chaos
holds structures together, with the harmony of form.

And without space life is meaningless too-
a roar of constant activity
so crowded with demands that you lose perspective
so cluttered with responsibilities that you lose direction
and finally lose yourself.

But when space pervades your life
shapes begin to form, patterns start to emerge,
and your vision becomes clearer, against and empty background,
and you can sense your purpose again, and return to your path.

And when space pervades your being
the discord inside you begins to heal, the chaos begins to clear,
as if a river of ease is flowing through you.
You feel yourself emptying and expanding
until you’re vast and whole but limitless
and the vastness of your being is full
of harmony and meaning.

~ Steve Taylor, The Calm Center

13 comments on “Without Space

  1. ❤ this, Val! Thank you!

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  2. Feeling expanded and spacious Val! Thank you 💚💕🌸

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  3. Just taking the time to slowly read these inspirational words created a little space and I instantly relaxed. I do enjoy interludes and peaceful transitions that weren’t much a part of my life when younger! I appreciate that I am physically capable of “rushing around” but now better able to enjoy a slower pace that wasn’t always possible. Thank you for reminder and some quiet direction, Val.


  4. Excellent post, Val. Reminding us of what we so easily forget


  5. Val, thank you…perfect timing for me today xo

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  6. Yes, especially for today. Thank you Val.

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  7. Today is my ‘space-day’ ❤

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  8. As we navigate through our days, our sense focus on things and our minds on thoughts. But we can switch our focus from things to the space between things. Anywhere there are two or more things, we can begin to note the space between them ~ between sights, between sounds, between clouds, and between passing thoughts.

    Once you find the space, peer into it and see what emerges.

    Aah . . . that’s better!

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  9. Beautiful, Val. 🙂


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