* Inner Alignment

inner alignment

We live in a self absorbed society where everything seems to be directed to feeding the insatiable and bored little “me”.

When we start finding our Middle Ground, we get in touch with our inner being and experience what is happening in the moment. This inner world includes our thoughts, beliefs, needs, feelings and knowing what really matters to us – our values.

We become observers of ourselves.

We come nurturers of our inner being instead of critics.

Life becomes more satisfying just as it is. There is less need for stimulation, excitement and acquiring of things to entertain us, show others, or to keep boredom at bay.

I remember thinking how strange it was that I am rarely bored. I have always enjoyed my own company. I like being me by myself.

Through yoga, I learned that this feeling of centered contentment was when my mind, body and spirit are aligned and in harmony.

I call this place of inner alignment the Middle Ground.

Thank you for joining me here 💛

31 responses to “* Inner Alignment

  1. I’m with you on contentment with one’s own company. I am rarely bored, but do admit that when I’m housebound with pain/fatigue or other health symptoms, I do get frustrated. I need regular doses of communing with nature to feel complete.

    Sometimes when I catch a bus into the city centre, the whole sound/bright light/smell thing overwhelms me and more than once, I’ve crossed the intersection and caught a bus straight back home again.

    I am often alone, but rarely lonely. I enjoy the company of friends when I see them these days, but when we part and I go back to my solitary self, I resume my calm and peaceful existence. After 2-3 hours with friends I find the constant chatter a little tiring.
    Same with bright lights and strong perfumes or chemicals.

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  2. I find age has also played a role — where once, parties were fun, now, they’re an effort. I prefer smaller more intimate gatherings. One thing that has never changed with time is my appreciation and need for ‘me time’. To be balanced, ‘out there’, I need time, ‘in here’ to reflect, meditate, create.

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    • Thanks Louise 💛 bringing awareness to what makes us feel balanced and aligned is so important. I agree that as we get older we are more aware of this. xo


  3. I never get bored either Val but yesterday when the winter sun was so warm and the day looked gorgeous I stopped and soaked it up. There was a small pang of guilt for standing still and doing nothing and I wondered why we put this pressure on ourselves. But I kept enjoying the cows walking by and the stillness and felt better for it ……simply just enjoying that moment.

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    • Thank you Amy. Great question. To me, nurturing our inner being is taking care of ourselves in the same way as a loving grandmother would. The key is acceptance and love. 💕

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  4. Yes! ~> “Life becomes more satisfying just as it is. There is less need for stimulation, excitement and acquiring of things to entertain us, show others, or to keep boredom at bay.”

    Like you, I am never bored . . . except when stuck in the middle of a crowd of extroverts competing for attention (or taking selfies). 😉


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