* You as the Perceiver

be the perceiver


Whatever happens in your head is not you.

Whatever happens in your body is not you.

Whatever happens in the world is not you.

Whatever happens is not you.

Yet none of it can exist without you, the perceiver of it all.*

~ Mooji

When we get sucked up into the pounding emotions of the world around us, and listen to the media that fans the fires of fear, this becomes a really powerful message.

Becoming detached from what we thought was a part of ourselves, sets us free… and brings more discernment and balance into our lives.

Take a moment to consider. “Am I too attached to something that is not supporting my wellbeing?”

This question in itself will help you step back and enter the space of the perceiver.

p.s. The other answer to your question is yes – chocolate can also support our well being.


*Mooji (2015-12-03). White Fire: Spiritual insights and teachings of advaita zen master Mooji (Kindle Locations 1382-1384). Mooji Media Publications. Kindle Edition.

32 thoughts on “* You as the Perceiver

  1. When I come to your blog, Val, I know I’ll always find valuable food for thought. While I am consciously detaching from the negativity happening around us, there are still attachments in other areas that need to stepped back from. Yes, there are 🙂

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    • Thank you Van. Empathy fatigue is a helpful term. I sometimes think of the nurses in pediatric ICU. They care so much, but also have to protect themselves from overwhelming emotions. We must find a similar balance in this world. 💛

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  2. Excellent stuff, Val. I find it useful to look at feelings, meaning to see them as just that, rather than as triggers for trains of thought that feed into pernicious emotional responses. In other words, if I find myself in some negative emotion, I seem to untie the knot by reducing it to its component parts: this is a feeling, this a thought. If I fail to do so, then the emotive force continues, and awareness gets swept up in the heated-yet-blinded nature of it all. H ❤


  3. An excellent reminder Val of detaching from things that do not serve us.. This is why you have not seen much of me here on WP this last week.. I was getting pulled into energy I didn’t want right now..
    So the modem and TV have been switched off while I am around 😉 and this beautiful Sunny weather in England has kept me in the garden, relaxing, reading, and painting..
    Very grounding..
    Thank you for your wisdom Val.. Setting ones self free this way is helping liberate the world.. xxx

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  4. 😉 Yes to the chocolate…but yes yes yes to the words. When I can be in this energy, Val…life just flows…without the eternal involvement of mind…and judgment..the awreness of just BEING and coming from TRUTH! AH! Yes…this feels good ❤

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