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giving love

“For creatures who want to be loved, appreciated, even adored, we certainly go about fulfilling our desire in a curiously unfulfilling way. Instead of manufacturing it ourselves in the little love machine inside our chests, we complain about not getting enough of it, search frantically for someone to give it to us, and try to make ourselves more lovable by improving our looks or earning more money.

But the truth is, the Beatles got it right. The love you take is equal to the love you make.
In other words, the most effective way to get love is to generate it yourself.

By cultivating caring loving feelings you can actually provide yourself with the nourishment you seek.”

~ Stephen Bodian

This is such a potent message for any one of us when we feel alone, and are down. Nourish yourself first with caring feelings, if you truly want to bring more love into your life.

It isn’t easy to shift perspectives like this, but it is possible when we bring awareness to it.

When we complain about how unfair life is, resent the happiness of others, or lament the lack of love in our life, we are cutting ourselves off from the nourishment we need and the very thing we long for.

Instead of focusing on not having enough, pay attention to what you do have. Commit to being kind every day. Be caring towards others. Take care of yourself as you would your dearest friend.

And give to others from your heart.



35 thoughts on “* Inspiration – Generate Love

  1. When we are joyful and happy, we spontaneously share love with others. We exude joy, kindness and warmth. When our heart is singing, we lift the hearts of those around us.

    From Awakening to the Sacred by Lama Surya Das:

    The path of joy is the path of open-heartedness ~ the path of a heart filled with love. So smile. Make somebody happy. Make yourself happy. Learn to love. Spread love. Be love. You’ll love it. (p. 151)

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  2. What we send out, we will receive in one or another way, also love. So why not share our love and show others compassion and listening, when needed.
    It is not always easy to give ourselves the same kind of care, but by practice, it becomes more easy. Great post, as usual Val.

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  3. I’ve found that volunteering is a great way to fill the love-well in our own lives. I used to recommend it to depressed clients. Caring for others in the company of other caring people with a caring mission creates a whole lot of love. πŸ™‚

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