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How Do you Feel About This?

I was raised in a family where this question was rarely asked. There was a guiding principle of conformity and an expectation to fit in with what those in charge wanted. Denying our feelings becomes a part of being a child of a narcissistic…


We must feel in order to heal. Yet the hurts of the past are protected by layers of coping and behaviors that soothe. Like blankets around our wounded hearts. Pulling away these layers feels more painful than facing the hurt beneath. The numbing feels…

Love is at the Heart

“Love is at the heart of all things. How you feel but reflects your decision to accept love or to reject it and choose fear. Both cannot be chosen. All feelings you label joyous or compassionate are of love. All feelings you label painful or angry…

Depth of Feeling


“We are so unused to emotion that we mistake any depth of feeling for sadness, any sense of the unknown for fear, and any sense of peace, for boredom. We are so schooled away from the life below, that anything beneath scares us.” ~ Mark Nepo…

* Inspiration – Generate Love

“For creatures who want to be loved, appreciated, even adored, we certainly go about fulfilling our desire in a curiously unfulfilling way. Instead of manufacturing it ourselves in the little love machine inside our chests, we complain about not getting enough of it, search…

* Inspiration – Feelings

“Feelings are everywhere. Be gentle.” ~ J. Masai Remember to start with yourself and then work out from there ❤️

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