wrapped in a blanket

We must feel in order to heal.

Yet the hurts of the past are protected by layers of coping and behaviors that soothe.
Like blankets around our wounded hearts.

Pulling away these layers feels more painful than facing the hurt beneath.
The numbing feels more like home than the raw vulnerability.

Be kind to this fragile submerged part of you.
It hides in your heart, waiting to be known and held dearly.

Let love show you the way.


47 Comments on “Healing

    • Thank you Marlene. It was huge for me when I realized that I had been stuffing feelings away for so many years. I was so scared to feel. And then, with a wonderful guide, I recognized the hurt small child that had been living under the blankets for so long. When Its so freeing to get to place of feeling again.❤️

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  1. Lucky me, I ripped apart those blankets early on. Little did I know, however, how many more were yet to come. But I’m glad in retrospect I did the work. Life is too short to hobble around, bound in and by all those layers. Good thoughts, Val ❤

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    • Thanks so much Bela. What a great comment 💛
      When we are younger, we sense that something isn’t right, but we tend to look outside for answers … or blame ourselves for being wrong in some way. The work that we must do is to look under the blanket with compassion and take off the layers. Of course, psychotherapy helps, as does deep spiritual work with guides and mentors.
      Thank you 🙏

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  2. This is a wonderful thing to read, Val, especially today as the Charlie Rose harassment story has broken. These stories must be pulling the blanket of suppression, repression or denial from many as they suddenly recall what others in power have done to them. Gentleness with the self during self advocacy when it feels safe to do it is so important.

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    • Thank you Sunny 💛 I like the idea of pulling the blankets away. May it be done with gentleness, courage and love to bring healing.


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  4. Hi Val, I just wrote about being kind to one of mine in an imaginary conversation. The ones we find hardest to deal with are generally the ones who need kindness the most.

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  5. Yes. so well said.
    we do have to be kind to ourselves.
    not everyone will think the same as I do, of course. and unless I am in their shoes, I never know what it feels like for them. But, I’ve had my share of ‘stuff’ and even so – I’d rather Feel than just be – numb.
    Just existing, isn’t “Living” – as awfully painfull as Living, and Feeling can be at times.

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  6. This hit home with me. Over the past six months, I have dug deeper into myself to heal wounds from the past. As I’ve come to learn, the body will bury emotions and sickness and keep it suppressed to protect the mind and body. A lifetime of buildup from these can leave the body quite exhausted. I have learned to release these suppressed emotions and pain, feeling every bit of it all over again. Luckily I know that it is temporary and I am on my way to healing 🙂

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    • Thank you for sharing here Matt. It takes courage to face the hidden aspects from our past. May the healing continue for us all. 💕


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