Depth of Feeling

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“We are so unused to emotion

that we mistake any depth of feeling for sadness,

any sense of the unknown for fear,

and any sense of peace, for boredom.

We are so schooled away from the life below, that anything beneath scares us.”

~ Mark Nepo from “The Book of Awakening”

It’s a scary place to start to look at ourselves beneath the surface. To face who we are when no one is looking.

We are afraid of what we might find and the depth of our feeling. Yet this is the place where the heart can truly open to all the experiences and feelings that have been denied.

I like how Mark Nepo reflects,  “When we bring up what we keep inside, it is sacred and scary, and the rest of us don’t know if we want to touch it or not, like reaching from a ladder into a nest of baby birds….But I invite you to anyway… For each of us is a fledgling that eventually, if fed, will fly.”

May we find the courage to reach for the sacred place with kindness and a gentle touch.

Nurture your precious baby birds. Let them grow strong and fly.


45 thoughts on “Depth of Feeling

  1. “We are so schooled away from the life below, that anything beneath scares us.” This is so true. Could this be one factor at the root of addiction/addictive behaviors and/or failed relationships? I love the Book of Awakening!

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    • I agree, it is a significant factor Ramona 💛Avoiding discomfort and seeking out pleasurable experiences to divert us, is also the foundation of most marketing.


  2. I find that slowing my breathing and consciously relaxing is always helpful. It gives me a moment to step back from the emotion and the situation at hand and take a more objective view. Emotion is part of our human-ness 🙂

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  3. Another profoundly insightful post, Val. Must share something with you and your readers that I have sitting on my desk:

    A self-affirmation

    For today, I am in charge of my life.
    Today, I choose my thoughts.
    Today, I choose my attitudes.
    Today, I choose my actions and behaviours.
    With these, I create my life and my destiny.

    Had this for years and my only regret is that I have long forgotten who wrote it!

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    • Thank you Marlene for adding an important aspect of this. 💛
      Because we are afraid to feel deeply, we try to escape the feelings or numb ourselves with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, eating, work and a whole range of behaviors that we hope will quieten the noise below.

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    • Thank you for the re-blog Ivon 💛 being with whatever we are below the surface takes awareness and some lightness too. When we feel something is wrong it can be a real journey into the depths…yet knowing it is part of live, it becomes freeing and not “wrong”


  4. I have often wondered if our constant “business” isn’t just a way of making sure we don’t have time to deal with our real feelings and emotions. Which is sad, because you are right…they are nothing to be afraid of, but should be recognized and nurtured instead.

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  5. Good post. While growing up, I was always taught that feeling ANYTHING is bad. Even positive feelings of happiness and love are not encouraged. Now, I am trying to be more expressive with feelings and not to suppress them. It feels so relieving

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